Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day of Rest & Relaxation (and Attempting to Get Back to My Normal Self)

Waking up today, I realized I was going to have another day with this cold that just won't go away. I've pretty much gotten used to it this week - and going to work feeling like crap - but what I wasn't prepared for was the violent puking that ensued throughout my regular morning routine. I couldn't pinpoint what triggered it (besides baby), but I successfully puked for a good hour or two and felt awful. I decided to give it a couple hours before attempting go into work....but eventually decided not to go in at all.

Fortunately, I had my work laptop at home and was able to get some things done and stay caught up on my emails, but I also had a chance to just rest. And by rest, it meant a lot of laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I got out of my funk around 4pm or so and decided to eat some soup and do a bit of "crafting" from my perch in bed.

Hand-sewn buttons on onesie w/ cute rainbow
leggings I picked up

Close-up of the button detail - total of 9 buttons

Black onesie w/ fuschia silk flower

Black onesie w/ white & black polka
dot fabric flower

White onesie w/ sewn curly q flower in pink & lime

Close-up of the flower w/ the metallic
buttons sewn on

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