Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Hobby....I Guess You Could Say That

I can't even remember what made Tessa & I decide to play around with baby onesies and try to make unique designs a couple of years ago...maybe the inspiration came from her kiddos...I don't know. But we did and I have just started back up this last week. I don't necessarily know who I'm making these for but I figure now that myself and [what feels like] the entire world is preggers, I'm sure I will have some gifts to give down the road. And, honestly, it's fun and relaxing and gives me something to do now that I live a life of not going out and partying on the weekends.

When we started, it was all about the dye, the fabric paints and the rhinestones - and I think poor little Aaysen was the child who got stuck wearing all of our creations.  I have to say that I was the tie dye queen....when would a kid actually wear that much tie dye?  It got to the point that Chris even built Tessa an area to make these in their basement, which I have to admit I'm pretty jealous of since I find myself performing my little experiments direct from my kitchen counter and being careful not to splash dye all over my countertops.

Now I'm a little less interested in the dyes, paints and bling and looking at using other materials to make these more fun. Here are a couple that I've just done:

Fabric black & white flower - sewn onto
a white Carter's onesie

Black lace/leopard print fabric sewn on
the back of a white Carter's onesie

Couldn't resist a little fabric dye - fuschia & kelly green
tie dye and yellow & royal blue tie dye

I'm also going to try and tackle hand making some fun tutus and leg warmers! A friend of mine put her little girl in leg warmers and onesies for the first few months and I just loved the look and think it's so fun, even for a little boy. I actually found the cutest little leg warmers online that would look great with a Hawkeye onesie during football season (Hawkeye Leg Warmers). My plan for the white onesie w/ the fabric flower would be to pair some fun leg warmers (maybe black & white stripes) with it when I gift it down the road, unless we find out we're having a little princess of our own.

Here are some of the first onesies I've ever messed around with a while back - all except the white are hand dyed. The bling: some is bought such as the fleur de lis on the first one (below) and some was done by hand - and that is a pain let me tell ya! I think I went a little crazy, but they were all fun to make.

Black dyed onesie - iron-on lettering & bling

Tie dye red & white onesie - red
rhinestone "N" applied by hand 

Hand painted w/ stencils and applied rhinestones

Hunter green tie dye & metallic pewter fabric paint w/ stencil guitar

Gray dyed onesie & stenciled "heart w/ wings" fabric
painted w/ rhinestones

Orange dyed onesie w/ brighter orange fleur de lis & rhinestones

Hunter Green dyed onesie w/ Old English iron-on letters

Purple dyed onesie w/ metallic silver fabric
painted cross & silver rhinestones

Yellow dyed onesie w/ iron-on letters

Black dyed onesie w/ hand applied rhinestones

Navy blue tie dyed onesie w/ fabric painted
skull & cross bones & rhinestones

Navy blue tie dyed onesie

Dark purple tie dyed onesie

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  1. They look great! You never know, this little hobby could turn into a business {hint hint} :)


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