Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Loving This Weather

It's finally here....spring, or better yet summer, has made it's appearance and we couldn't be happier around these parts!  I make it no secret that I despise cold weather - except to hide in comfy clothes like skinny jeans, tall boots and cozy sweaters - and it has thoroughly out-stayed it's welcome this year.

We were lucky to go on a mini family getaway this weekend last minute and take in the amazing weather - if you follow on Instagram (#mangominivacay), then you already know...far, far too well. Sorry for the overload of pics, but they were too good not to share! More to come on a later post recapping our great weekend away.

As soon as we got home from Kansas City yesterday, we made sure to get outside. C came with me on a run around Lake Zorinsky and we stopped along the way so he could swing in the park and play in the sand! I tell ya, all of the money we've spent on toys and he could've spent three hours playing in the dirt with a tiny, plastic shovel.  Note to all of you future mamas - tupperware, toilet paper, a ball, a long-handled spoon to bang on things with and a plastic shovel...this is seriously all you need and your child would be damn happy!

We are looking forward to soaking in all of this gorgeous weather in the coming months and to introduce our little monster to all of the things this big, bright world of ours has to offer. Bring on the sun!

Just love this little guy
I made a note to pick up some sleeveless shirts for hot days to come.
Boy needs to show off those guns!
"Whoa! Wah-wah!"
Happy Monday y'all!

(That's my Monday, not yours.)  :)


  1. i loved all the #mangominivacay pics!

    and also, sleeveless kids shirts are the cutest thing ever!

    1. Thanks - we had a great little getaway! I agree - I need to stock up on some tanks and shorts ASAP for this little guy!


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