Saturday, April 13, 2013

17 Months Old!

Someone isn't happy about turning 17 months....
What's New With Cruz:
  • Sleeping: he continues to sleep like a rock star at nights, cannot thank sleep training enough! I can remember when we were laying with him each night for a half hour or more until he fell asleep and then hoping he would make it from the couch to his crib without waking up! So glad that's over. Now we tell him it's time for bed, he kisses the parent that isn't taking him, pets Maya, walks into his room and picks out a book or two. After reading he either points to his crib and says "nigh nigh" or we tell him and down he goes. Of course, we are rocking two nightlights in there and some background music as well. Nap time is generally two hours from 11am to 1pm, give or take depending on the day.

  • Coloring: his new favorite thing to do is color! We got him some dry erase crayons and a board to color on, which he loves. We have to remind him to keep the color on the board, though, which he doesn't like to hear (see tantrums below). This week I let him use chalk on my big chalk board and he was engrossed in it for about an hour each time he used it. Again, he kept trying to color the wall and the furniture, but for the most part just loved having a big space to color on. I think coloring books will be our next purchase, mainly because his mama loves them and can't wait to spend time coloring fun pictures of Mickey and Goofy with him. (Coloring books are necessary because I also have not a lick of artist ability in my body and need pre-printed pictures.) :)
Coloring fiend
  • Teeth:  little man is still pushing out four molars which started weeks ago, fortunately with little to no issues. He did have a run in with fever and lots of drooling and I don't know if he just handles pain well, but he hasn't complained a bit. Maybe that's because earlier this month I allowed him to burn his hand on my curling iron, so that kept his pain-focus. :(  He has four teeth up top and three on the bottom so when he smiles wide, he has this goofy lopsided grin that I just adore.
  • Eating: ketchup - or better yet dipping - is the theme of eating this month. He wants to dip everything. Case in point, I was eating a sandwich and chips, he cuddled up next to me, stole a chip and tried dipping it into my sandwich bread. We do find ourselves struggling to come up with new meals every day, but he's a great eater and loves trying new things. His new favorite this month - roast beef and Swiss sandwiches. He also continues to eat fruit well and on the veggie front his faves are peas and corn. And fruit snacks are his go-to treat.

  • Tantrums: while he's been a super awesome kiddo this past month (like, I mean, a really good boy) this has also been a time of showing his true colors and bringing out the big-time whining. I hoped we wouldn't get to it so soon, but we have and we've hit it hard. Little man has a stubborn streak and when he wants something, he better get it. If he wants to color on the wall, he doesn't want to be told no. The worst part: he totally plays us. Everyone else, he's an angel. 
Case in point
  • Talking: he continues to repeat everything we say and picks up words so easily. "Color" is his favorite word the past few weeks, but he also is back to "cows," which is from his visit to the farm with papa. "Papa, cows,"  "Papa, cows" all day long. He says "hi" to every single person we walk by when we are out and about - it's actually fun seeing how they react. Some are shocked, some are excited to talk back to him and others look at him and turn away (jerks). Other words/phrases that got a lot of use: "hi buddy," "Mii-hee M-ow" (Mickey Mouse), "see you lay-er," "buh-bye" (kid loves going places) and mumbling full sentences, then looking at you like you are supposed to understand what he said and respond. 
  • Development: Cruz is still weighing in about 25lbs. We haven't been to the doctor recently so I don't have any other stats to share - I suppose I should get out a tape measure and get his head measurements, but we know it's big, so let's just leave it at that. He is walking everywhere, running when he can, throwing things away, doing yoga poses, climbing on things, jumping on the bed (scares the pants off me) and getting into everything.
Learned the hard way to lock the ice and water dispenser
Happy 17 months, my little monster!

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