Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Favorite Things: Newborn to Three Months

The first three months for us were the most confusing, rewarding, frustrating, exciting and amazing time. We stumbled much more often than we did the right thing. I was an emotional mess. Nick was a fumbling dad. But we figured it out and found some must-have products along the way.

Newborn - 3 Month Favorites:
  • Fisher Price Activity Mat - we loved this mat and made sure to give him time on it often each day. Since they aren't doing much but laying around or being carried around in their first few months, it was great to have a fun little area for him to kick around and check out. I loved this one because even though it's cartoony, it's not too baby-ish and the bright colors are great. 
  • Puma Crib Shoes - these are one of my fave items. Little ones are always having to rock socks and not much else, so I loved throwing these on him when we ventured out. Plus, they are very flexible and comfortable on tiny baby feet...and about the cutest thing ever. I've purchased many a pair for mama friends almost ready to pop a kiddo out.
  • Tommee Tippee Bibs - we received so many bibs at our shower and I purchased no less than 37 fun ones myself, but after much trial in the early days, these Tommee Tippee bibs proved to be fab. They are super soft, plus they are thick around the neck and catch all the excess milk from his feedings or just all the drool that finds its way out of their tiny mouths.
  • Playtex Ventaire - I knew off the bat that I wasn't going to breast feed and as soon as I explained that to people, the recommendations for bottles flooded in. A ton of great feedback specific to their individual children, so after trying out a couple on our own, we went for the Playtex Ventaire. Easy to clean, easy to put together, inexpensive and little man never had any problem with them. I, on the other hand, struggled slightly. Who knew there were different nipple sizes and that after a few months he grew out of the original and needed a wider one and wasn't getting enough milk because of this? Thank the lord for those smart day care ladies.
  • Vicks Pure Mist Humidifier - a humidifier is a must and this one has been phenomenal. It makes just enough noise to provide comfort and has a way to add Vicks and poof it in the air should your little one get sick.
  • Boppy Pillow - there are so many uses for this thing that it's a must-have. By many uses, I suppose I should clarify that it essentially just props the baby up, but it was great to keep him off the back of his head. You could also turn them around and work on strengthening their neck and, of course, covering it with a pretty blanket and taking oodles of pics of the little guy for the baby book. Plus, the cover easily comes off for washing, should something get on the cover. Yeah, should something get on the cover. Many somethings will get on the cover and most are really gross, so make sure to buy one. 
  • Puj Tub - besides the cute name (and you all know how much I love creative branding), the Puj tub is great. During those first few months when you are bathing your child in the kitchen sink, this bad boy is a savior. Easy to fold into bath mode, it's made of soft, comfy material and when you're done you can hook it to the wall of the shower where it will drip dry and is stored out of the way.
  • Carter's Sleeper Gowns - Cruz lived in Carter's during his first few months and these gowns were a fave of mine for the first few months. Comfortable, easy to get into when he needed a diaper change and adorable. And, for the mama's to boys, don't worry it seems a bit girly, but once you realize how convenient they are, you don't worry that you are putting your son into a gown. And neither does dad.
  • Carter's Sleep & Play - if he wasn't in the gown, you would find him in one of these sleepers. While I wasn't hot on the large animals that always cover Carter's clothing, they had enough sports-themed and less obvious prints that I was able to cycle them through the week. Plus, I loved that they buttoned-up versus zipping, no worrying about zippers stabbing their chin.

Well, there you have it, all of our favorite things during his first three months of life. Hope this was helpful!


  1. Amen to sleeping gowns! Mia wears them every night! And we have LOVED our playmat!
    I still don't have a humidifier. I've been debating whether we need one or not.

  2. i love those little pumas!! also that puj tub would have worked graet for us! maybe next time. :)


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