Sunday, April 7, 2013

What We've Been Up To

As I'm typing this I'm laying in a posh suite in downtown Cincinnati with the TV on, nowhere to be until 10am and no one to worry about but myself. And while I miss little man and the hubs like crazy, I have to be honest and say it's a tad bit awesome to have no responsibility, be here on the company's dime and to only worry about myself for a couple days. Am I a jerk for saying that?

Let me be honest, it hasn't been all roses. I came on this trip wickedly sick. It hit me Wednesday night after a whirlwind week of work (just three days mind you) but in those three days I probably put in about 48 hours...wah wah, I know. Then, I ended up leaving work early on Thursday and proceeded to have the worst bit of stomach flu? Not entirely sure, but all of the gross stuff that you accompany stomach flu or food poisoning once again struck me....hard core.

And now here we are Sunday morning and it's not over. Let's just say this hasn't been the easiest trip. The only positive I can come up with is that I'm not going to come home 10 lbs heavier from all of the insane dining that usually takes place on these trips. Instead, I haven't been able to eat a thing, which includes no ballpark nachos at the Reds game yesterday. I think that's what I'm most sad about...

After all of that excessive detail, let's get onto the good stuff. Like some pics of the kiddo, some hot chicks and my main squeeze. If you follow on Insta these may be familiar to you...if not, great news, it's all brand-new for you!

Little man continues to impress with what he picks up on a daily basis. My recent fave? He's picked up on our "hi buddy" greeting to him. The sweetest was early one morning when I heard him chatting away in the nursery, I opened the door, walked in and he exclaimed "Hi buddy!" I about melted. It was the cutest thing ever.

He also easily picks up the things we do - like getting water from the fridge. It took a couple of times of him getting soaked before we figured out there was a lock on the dispenser....such a life saver. And is this not the cutest pic of him stretching up as far as he can on his tip-toes to do something naughty??

We announced our Stir Cove concert line-up last week and I'm stoked for a summer of badass shows, most importantly the first which is Bush and one of my favorite bands. I have been in love with Gavin for a long time, like since high school, which was longer ago than I care to admit.  My sis and I met him last time they were in town and I was 7 months preggo. Not my finest moment if you remember the "come here often" line I used on him. Really? I totally have no game.

Lots of great weather meant tons of time outside and the park has been our spot. Little man loves him some swinging and I even drug Nick out with us last weekend.

The past two weeks I spent a lot of time at the one of the newest hot spots in Omaha - Louie's Wine & Dive. And by a lot of time, I mean, I was there three times in less than two weeks. A bit excessive, I know, but good times nonetheless.

Much needed Girl's Night Out

Out with the SILs

Date night and if you want a glimpse in our life this is it -
me drinking wine and him texting his friends
Coming soon - an Easter recap. I'm so excited to share the pics of our little egg smuggler from last Sunday!

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  1. bummer that you didn't get to spend your YOU time feeling 100%!!

    i love that tip toe pic!

    i met britney spears when i was 8 months preggo as one of her HUGEST EVER fans... i was star struck and was just so happy i didn't pop out my baby right then and there and pee my pants!

    this wine and dive place looks like my kind of joint!


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