Monday, April 22, 2013

This and That

As I'm sitting here typing this, I'm on the couch in a dark room with my coffee and my sweet little man resting against my arm, chugging his milk and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I catch up on emails and blog posts.  Every now and again, when Mickey sings a song, he will get up and do a little dance, telling me to watch him. Then he will crawl back up onto the couch and chill in the crook of my arm - offering me a piece of cereal here and then, only to quickly pull it back and put it into his mouth...and giggle like he's the funniest thing around.

This is by far the time I love the most. Just him and I, hanging out together in the mornings.

Although, this morning was much earlier than his normal morning wake-up time for some reason getting me up at 6am rather than sleeping in until 8am or so. That's ok...I have to work later, so this gives us more time to hang out.

So, what is going on with the Mango's...
  • My godson and nephew, Kayden, celebrated his first communion this weekend, so we had a chance to spend time with my family and toast what an amazing little man he's become. Hard to believe he's already 8 years old and truly one of the best little guys I know. He is a great athlete, handsome little man and just has the sweetest little heart you could ever imagine. I'm pretty proud of this little stud.
Kayden Christopher

My loves
  • I love getting packages in the mail...and the best one this week was my Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD. Ok, don't laugh. I know the name sounds a bit ridiculous and no, I don't actually believe I'm going to turn into a beach babe (whatever that is) just by doing a few exercises on a DVD. However, I've been looking into Tone It Up for a while and following along with a few friends who have been doing it and I'm liking the results I've seen others get and I'm excited to try it myself
  • As you all know we are a baseball family around these parts and can't wait for Cruz to become a left-handed pitcher for a professional team so we can quit our jobs and live off of his success. Until then we will settle for trips with daddy to Ultimate Baseball Academy. This weekend he go to go watch cousin Dom play some ball and then do a little training himself. Look at that stance.
Baseball baby
  • I picked up some new running shoes the other day and finally got to use them on an outside run this week. I figured I should grow up and retire my old running shoes that had seen better days, plus these are made for running and are damn comfortable...and the bright colors and reflectors make me look like a speed demon out on the trail. :)
New kicks make me smile
  • This weekend culminated all of the work we had been doing to plan the Gambler 1/2 Marathon and 5K in Council Bluffs. I joined the board back in January and have to say it was a fun experience - something I've never done before. It was a bit freezing cold yesterday at 6am when we started set-up but ended up warming up a tad bit. I have to admit it was pretty fantastic seeing all of the support for Boston as well.
The sign says it all...

13.1 miles to the it

Well, I guess it's time to sign off now. This little sweet thing sitting next to me has just done a not-so-sweet little thing in his pants and it smells something fierce.

Happy Monday!

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