Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter 2013

Family pic after church
(Disregard my wayward hair - of course the hubs & Cruz look great & I'm a mess! And can I mention how model-like C looks with his serious face and oh-so-cute Easter outfit? Can I get an amen?)

Another holiday in the books, but one that was exponentially more fun than last year due to the fact that we now have a mobile toddler as opposed to a little nugget who couldn't even sit up around this time last year. I have to say I was very excited to get our egg hunt on...and after practicing with fake eggs around the house, so was little man. (As you can see in this pic below...)

Don't let this face fool you - that Easter basket was AWESOME (thanks to yours truly)

Of course the weather didn't cooperate, though it could've been worse, so we bundled him up for our outside adventure. Cruz had the yellow and orange eggs and I tell you he rocked it out. He had about 29 eggs hidden and made it until egg #16 before getting bored/tired/uninterested in walking around the backyard, picking up eggs and throwing them in the basket I was following him around with.

Man on a mission
When we got back inside, we changed the boys into their matching PJs. I have to tell you I made a pact to myself when I was early in my pregnancy that I would not dress my kid in matching clothes - matching his dad or matching a sibling. I didn't think it was my thing.  Well, I'm nothing if I don't admit when I'm wrong and booooy was I wrong. These matching PJs were about the most kick ass thing I've ever seen. I mean look at these two studs. AND they have Mickey Mouse playing baseball on them?   Well played, Aunt Morgan, well played. You've converted a disbeliever.

Seriously...who knew matching PJs would be so absolutely adorable??
I suppose the handsome little guys wearing them don't hurt either.

Hope you all had a very happy Easter!


  1. Looks like C had a great Easter. Matching jammies and all!

  2. Katie, Cruz looked adorable in his Easter outfit - what a good looking family! -NY Rachel

    1. Thanks Rachel! So glad you are able to keep up on soon as you guys start to have some I'm hoping you do the same so I can follow along! :)


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