Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Favorite Things: Three Months to Six Months

We started getting the hang of things around this time, or at least we thought. Then our kid went and got sick on us AND had to get helmeted up. Even with all of that we learned a ton and found some cool must haves during this time.

  • Bumbo - once little man started sitting up, not a day went by that we didn't use the Bumbo. It was great to strengthen him up and perfect to use when we first started feeding him because of the great tray that attaches to it. We used this as our "high chair" for the first few months and also schlepped it to our family and friend's houses. Worked like a charm!
  • Puma Track Suit - if you know us, you know we love and live in the Puma track suit. These are the best outfits for running errands, daily life and playing hard core. Pair them with a pair of sneaks and a t-shirt or onesie and you're set! Plus they look like a little guido (I can use this word since my hubs is Italian...lol), just add gold chain. Note: do not, I repeat, do not buy these full price. It's a major rip-off. You can find them for $20 at Burlington Coat Factory, Marshall's, TJ Maxx or Younkers (when they have a good sale). We still rock the Puma track suits to this day. I should probably have some type of stock in them.
  • Gerber Puffs - these were one of the first "foods" that Cruz tried. Little fruit-flavored puffs of air..and he loved them. Initially I broke them up a bit, but they dissolve so quickly in little mouths that there isn't much worry of a choking hazard. Puffs were our go-to snacks for months, even mamas like them (at least I did). And they are only like 25 calories for 75 of those little suckers.
  • Sassy Mirror - this is a great toy to add to your kiddos toy box. We first found ours after bringing little man to physical therapy for his Plagiocephaly. It was a great tool to use to encourage movement in his neck and get him to work on those neck muscles. Plus, they love looking at themselves in the mirror (why wouldn't they, they are so dang cute) during tummy time. I recommend this for all mamas and to start it early so you don't have a little one in PT, like our babe (if it's preventable, which ours happened in the womb, so it wasn't). Very cool toy.
  • Onesie Extenders - I thought I came up with a new invention when little man's onesies stopped fitting length-wise but still fit in the body and I wanted something to extend the bottom buttons.  After looking online, I quickly realized some smart someone beat me to it and already invented it. (Damn!) But I quickly bought some and loved them! The best part about this pack of 10 was that there were different sized buttons so they fit all onesies. Get some, you'll be happy you did and will extend the life of some of your expensive baby tops.
  • Carter's Bibs - as he got older, the drool started. Whether is was teething-related or just normal leaks, stuff just seems to spill out of their mouths. We found that the Carter's feeding bibs did a great job protecting his clothes and skin from excess liquid. Make sure to get those with the protective water barrier on the back, otherwise they are worthless and will be soaked in seconds.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - this little rodent and his pals have been a lifesaver for us. I can remember the first time we found this show on TV - it was a very early morning during his first bout of RSV when I was trying to get him to cooperate for his breathing treatment. Once he saw the bright colors, he was mesmerized and still for the entire ten minute treatment. We've been big fans ever since. And I'm pretty sure the hubs and I can be caught humming or singing the 'hotdog dance' many times throughout our day. My co-workers seriously think I'm bat-shit crazy.
  • Trumpette Skater Johnny Socks - we are huge, HUGE Trumpette fans. Not only are their socks super cute, but they fit very well and have the skidders that are key once your little starts walking/standing. Here is another note: do not buy these full price either - $26 for six pair is ridiculous. You can find them discounted on Amazon at times, flash sales at Zulily and at Marshall's or TJ Maxx. 
  • Boon Baby Spoon for Plum - we go crazy for all Boon products around these parts. I would love to have everything on their site! The best part? Target recently started  carry a ton of Boon products - mainly online, but you can also track down some items in store. This Boon Baby Spoon rocked when we first started feeding Cruz baby food. It was made for the Plum baby food products and all you do is twist it onto the end of the package, squeeze and voila!...easy feeding. Plus, they clean easily for reuse. 
  • Plum Just Fruit Baby - obviously with our Boon Baby Spoon, we needed the Plum baby fruit. Cruz also loved the many flavors of Plum Just Fruit (and truth be told so did I) and we he ate these for months.   They are organic and there are very few ingredients and no fillers. Plus, they are great to throw in your purse and provide a meal on the go. But wait for the 10 for $10 sale at Babies R Us or buy them on Amazon, otherwise they can get quite expensive. 

Well, that's that. Three to six months in the books.  I hope you have as much fun learning about what works for your babe and you as we did! There are so many options and variations of products that it can be overwhelming. I hope this helps!


  1. Loving the new layout!! Super cute :)

  2. Would it be strange if I start buying puffs for snack food for myself!? They are delicious- and hello! Few calories!

    1. Not at all! If anyone asks questions just say they are for your nephew!


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