Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Favorite Things: Six to Nine Months

This time was an interesting period...sickness continued to plague our boy and even worse he was smack dab in the middle of his helmet days, but it was so much fun seeing him start to sit up on his own!. He was also starting solids at this point and we had a blast trying different flavors. Fortunately he was (and still is) a great eater. We lucked out in this area.

6 - 9 Month Favorites:

  • Fisher Price Jumperoo - we were so excited for C man to be able to start using this toy - strengthen his legs, get him off the floor and give him a different type of stimulation. The colors were nice and bright, it made loud noises and there were times when little guy would just bounce like crazy! As he started crawling, it was a great tool to keep him occupied while we tried to have some free time to make dinner, do laundry, etc. Plus, it has three different levels that as his legs got stronger, we were able to adjust the height.
  • Evenflo Cart / Highchair Cover - this was one of the best "stumbled upon" finds in my book. We used the crap out of this bad boy - shopping trips to the grocery store, dinners out with friends and family, you name it and it came with us. It was great having a cover to protect from the germs and gunk on public shopping carts and high chairs, but it was also somewhat plush and comfortable.  Since it wasn't fabric, more of a soft vinyl, it was easy to clean and didn't collect stains.
  • Plum Seconds Baby Food - we moved up from the Plum Firsts food around six months and loved the mixtures of this organic baby food. Cruz liked relatively every flavor and it was a great way to get his fruits and veggies. I mean there are even some mixes with quinoa and kale - I didn't even know what those things were at the time, but my infant was eating them. Talk about food trendy. Best part is that by this time he was starting to hold the pouch on his own and it was super easy for him to squeeze into his mouth or I could still use the attachable Boon Spoon. Note: if you give your little one a pouch at this age, only do it with a bib on and in a high chair, not near one of your favorite sofa pillows.
  • Plum Super Puffs - we discovered the Plum puffs at this time as well. Cruz alternated between these and the Gerber puffs, but seemed to prefer these more. With them being organic and made of fancier ingredients, I suppose that was a good thing.  Me? I personally preferred to eat the Gerber brand (in case you were wondering). 
  • Dr. Seuss 'There's A Wocket In My Pocket' Hardcover Book - this was and still is one of my favorite books (oh wait, is this a post about Cruz's faves or mine?). Seriously though, he loved this little hardcover book. Of course being hardcover, it was easy to clean up the slobber and he could tear pages. But the best part about this book is the rhyming magic by Seuss - practice before reading it aloud because you will message up the words for sure, but once you get the hang of it you will have a blast reading it nightly.
  • Converse Crib Shoes - if you are looking for some good kicks, these are your best bet. We moved on from the Puma Crib Shoes to these Converse ones and they were an excellent transition shoe. Flexible, comfy and damn cute. I loved these shoes. The only downfall is the tie versus the velcro because he always seemed to untie them, but once you double-knot them you will have no problems.
  • Boogie Wipes - one of my favorite finds of this time period. Obviously due to our sickly little guy, we had lots of runny noses. Baby wipes are terrible for this and just rub the area raw and warm washcloths never seemed to do the trick for us either, so when we found these, we were hooked. Not only are they great for sensitive little skin, BUT they also smell awesome! Just imagine the scent coming from the biggest piece of grape Bubbalicious that you shoved into your mouth and that is, my friends, what Boogie Wipes smell like.

Well there you have it. More fun products for that little of yours. At least what worked best for us!


  1. we love boogie wipes when they are needed! i also love the smell of the minty ones too!

    1. Might have to try the minty ones...maybe mint for him and grape for me! :)

  2. All of your "favorite" posts are so great!!! You are I are definitely alike...I researched infant seats like crazy and ended up with the Chicco too. I'm also so excited about the Boon Highchair. We are only at 4 months, but I marked the six month post to come back to soon. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I love putting them together and think they will be a great help once baby #2 comes along! Congrats on 4 months - it all really goes by fast. I can't believe ours is almost 22 months already. And the Boon high chair is by far the best ever!! You will not be disappointed. :)


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