Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well, Hello There. It's Been Far Too Long

I have to say I've felt a bit of a void by not having spent time on the blog this past week. And admit that I was a bit stressed knowing I had tons of posts to write, but not actually writing them.

Well, I'm back. And let's hope that we don't have another one of these absences any time soon.  I've got loads to talk about and share, but for tonight just a quick little preview.

I'm just not quite myself today because this mama may have went out last night and tried to party like she was 23. Let's just say I'm not. And let's also say that mixing champagne, wine, shots and vodka probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. I woke up in my SILs basement with an equally hungover husband and had to do the walk of shame - mascara smudged down my face and all - to father-in-laws house to pick up the kiddo. Not my proudest moment as a mom. Thankfully Morgan had clinic-grade ibuprofen she had snagged from work to take my headache away.

This pic makes me smile....memories of a good night out with my girls

I have so, so many posts that just need to be shared or I may burst...bad mama has not finished little man's 18 month post from Monday (I know, I know you all have just been holding your breath waiting....) and I feel like the biggest jerk. I've also got Mother's Day, Morgan's baby shower, Kayden's first communion and so many others to share. Be prepared for some Yellow Mango action this week.

I turn 32 tomorrow.

And this is where I've been spending my favorite time at home with little guy lately. I never really used this chair during C's first year, but now? We use this bad boy all the time. I love our late night cuddle sessions, especially as he gets so tired and murmurs "law loo, mama." Melts my heart every time.

Err, yes I mentioned tomorrow is my birthday. Thirty-two years old. I've never been big on celebrating my birthdays. Trust me, I expect tons of FB posts, texts and calls (if you weren't going to make sure you do now, dang it!) but otherwise I just want to get off work early and come home and hang with my boys. Oh, and a tattoo. I really want to get another tattoo.


  1. Thanks for deleting my previous comment. How rude...
    See if I ever comment again jerk! ;)
    P.S. Happy Birthday!!

    1. I know...I suck. I will never, ever delete your comment accidentally again. I promise (now comment on more posts, dang you!)

  2. Get me intoxicated and ill be your plus one for the tatoo ;)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! lets be facebook friends so i can also wish you a HB on your wall! ;) I love review posts, I can't wait for all that you have coming. I REALLY want a tattoo as well. I am now 31 and still DO NOT HAVE ONE!!

    Anyway, Hope your birthday is perfect to you and you enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks girl! Your wish, my command...we are now officially FB friends.

      Yeah I've been wanting one for quite a while - I have one from high school and have been wanting another for quite some time. I have two ideas I really like....maybe I will just get them both! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Katie!! -Rachel

    1. Thank you Rachel! I'm so happy that you follow along!


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