Monday, May 6, 2013

Mango Mini Vacay {Day Numero Uno}

Last weekend, we packed our bags for a little getaway, just our family of three. Nick had mentioned he wanted to bring Cruz to a Royals game in Kansas City but I didn't think I could make it work. After looking at weekends the next couple of months, I realized there weren't any that were good for a getaway, so I worked a late a couple nights last week to get my stuff done and we booked the trip.

I mean shoot, work will always be there, right?

As soon as we walked out to the truck Saturday morning, C started saying "mee-mee" incessantly - as he does so often these days - which means he wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in Nick's truck. The road trip proved to be good for both of us - he got in an episode of Mickey and then took a long nap while I worked all the way down while Nick drove.

When we got down to KC, we went directly to Legends Outlet Mall to have lunch. We tried three restaurants before realizing they were all packed due to an Alzheimer's walk so we ended up at Five Guys burgers, not our first choice, but we all loved the burgers and fries (and, of course, C couldn't get enough of the ketchup!)

This is his excited face when he spotted the mall
Don't worry little man....that's how I feel too.

After lunch, Nick headed to Hollywood Casino to play some poker, which is conveniently located in the same location as the mall and our hotel and then Cruz & I went shopping (convenient for us that I didn't have to justify my purchases or listen to him whine comment about going into yet another store). We fit in quite a bit in the three hours we allotted ourselves and were able to snag some great stuff. You know I love to recap our here goes:

  • Old Navy PJs on major sale for little man - some as cheap as $3.97! - and a couple tanks for me
  • Two pair of Converse shoes for Nick and  Converse coat on sale for $25
  • Nike sandals for C - we had gotten him a pair of Puma but they had the strap between the toe and just didn't seem to be comfy, these will be great
  • Nike workout shoes for me - thought they were on sale for $70 but when I checked out they were $23! Major score.
  • H&M plaid shorts & a polo for Cruz, a hoodie for Nick and a blazer and jean jacket for me. I absolutely love H&M, but hate that we don't have one in Omaha and you can't shop online.
  • A Nike short/shirt set and three iKat print pillows for our living room at TJ Maxx
  • And, of course, KC Royals t-shirts/tank for the three of us. We had to represent at the game.
Nick picked us up after shopping and we headed over to Great Wolf Lodge to check in. If I've ever felt like my life and vacations have changed, it was now. It seems I've traded cocktails, partying and laying out for themed hotels, toddler pools and large talking animals walking all over the place.

Playing in the fountain
That night we went swimming in the massive water park and Cruz had a blast. I have to say we wished he was a bit older so he could fully enjoy all of the activities, but the toddler area was fun for him and we were able to take him into the bigger pool with us, the lazy river AND we took him down the big slides! I was nervous at first, but he did so great! It was the three of us on a raft and coasting down this bad boy. What can I say, we live on the edge.

We went down the dark blue one with him...seriously.

Dada and his boy
We had a late dinner in our PJs and then headed to the dance party in the lobby, where 10 year old girls were literally poppin' their booty and breaking it down around all of little boys. I couldn't believe it and was slightly jealous that I can't dance even half as good as them...

Story time before the booty shaking started

Mama & C dance party

Then it was off to bed to rest up before his first - of many - pro baseball games the next day. I wish I could say he slept like a champ, but that first night was one of the worst sleeping experiences we've ever had with him....well, I mean he slept, but we didn't. Between him refusing to sleep in his pack & play and then switching between our beds. Yes, we literally slept in separate beds that night to try and wrangle this little no sleep monster. Again, have I told how my vacations have changed - I'm generally not sleeping in a different bed from my hubs.

Spoiled little man refusing to sleep
Off to day two...


  1. Cruz is such a cutie :) I just love seeing him change through your posts - he is really growing up!

  2. look at those wet curls! this looks and sounds SO fun!! :)


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