Friday, May 10, 2013

Mango Mini Vacay {Day Numero Tres}

{For the rest of our vacation recap - day one and day two.}

On Monday morning, we laid around the room for a while with our coffee and Cruz's milk and breakfast in bed. I was able to sneak in some work while they watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then I suited little man up for some swimming.

I'm fairly certain those on our floor hated us
after he repeatedly pressed the alarm button

I had the best time watching him squeal when the water splashed him and playing with a little girl around his age in the toddler pool. I even attempted to take him up to the big slide to try it again, but as soon as we were up to the top and walked over to the raft, he got a super scared look on his face and said "no, no, no!" while shaking his head. I decided I didn't want to force him to go down it again and had to be happy that he'd went down them twice already.

Love babies in swimming shorts...bellies and all

The bell dings....

...the water releases... out below!
After swimming, we packed up the room and loaded the truck to head out, but first had to make yet another stop back to Legends so Nick could check out the Converse outlet. Apparently the two pairs of shoes and coat I had picked up for him wasn't he proceeded to pick up two more pairs of shoes and a couple t-shirts.

Next stop was Chick-Fil-A - as much as C talks and talks about cows, we thought this would be a great place for a quick lunch. And he loved it.

Eat Mor Chikin

Whelp, that's it. Our quick little vacation wrapped up. What great memories we had with our little guy. Definitely can't be beat.

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  1. so fun! i will have to note this place if we ever find ourselves in the area!


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