Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's New Around Here

Things have been moving along around here. This last week has been a bit hectic due to the hubs being out of town on a guy's trip to Vegas for some March Madness. Thankfully all worked well and J was on Spring Break so she was at my disposal this week.

What have we been up to?
  • Girl's Night Out - I would love to plan a standing monthly girl's night out. Time with the girls is essential. And when it includes being surrounded by this gorgeous group of lovelies, how can you go wrong? Thursday we made plans to meet up at the new Louie's Wine & Dive...throw the words wine and dive into a place and you know I'm game. And this place didn't disappoint. I got there early to save our party room and was immediately introduced to everyone from our server to each bartender to the owners. Good start...

  • Dog Lovin' - little dude is loving up on his puggle these days. He is nothing short of obsessed with her every move, throwing her toys and teasing the heck out of the poor dog. Luckily, Maya puts up with his shenanigans. (Check him out waiting for her by the patio door, licking the glass, with that cute little diaper booty...)
  • St. Patty's Day fun - the green holiday has come and gone in a much different fashion than year's past. It's crazy to think of years before when it was all about morning, day and night drinking all while sporting a permanently green mouth. And now? Now, it's Lucky Charms for breakfast, a nice little Sunday basketball game and then meeting some friends for a few drinks and dinner. Not quite the same, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Cruz Update - this crazy monster has been learning up a storm and playing like a fool.  He worked out with me the other night and it was nothing short of the cutest thing ever watching him squat and plank with me. Nanny J has been keeping him busy - they checked out the Lincoln Children's Museum which evidently is the "best place ever" for a toddler while spending time with his bestie Kellan and he got to ride on a big rig...being that "Honk! Honk!" is his fave book, this was nothing short of amazing for him. And his love of his dada this week (always, but even more this week) has been the sweetest thing ever. Playing "trah-tahs" and watching sports. Two peas in a pod.

I'm going to sign off with a shot of this boy who here looks like he's 7 years old, chilling on my bed, watching some TV. How does he look so old? This is not a 16 month old. He's growing up so fast...and  this makes his mama sad.


  1. The children's museum is absolutely awesome! Love the cute shots! Brent says he likes tractors, they better be green ;)

  2. Seems like there's a lot to do in Omaha! Cruz is so lucky to grow up in such a wonderful, fun-filled place!
    -NY Rachel

  3. gosh he is just too cute... seriously!

    i love the working out, avrie loves to do pushups, jumping jacks, squat and the butterfly stretch- haha

    lucky charms for breakfast!? i am so bummed i never thought of that! C's picture from this year st pattys just kills me- so stinkin' cute!!!


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