Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What We've Been Up To

(Let me warn you the following will be photo collage overload. I have not posted pics of my kiddo in some time and he deserves his time in the spotlight. Enjoy!)

Loads and loads going on around these parts...only problem is most of it is being shared on Instagram and not being transferred over here. This girl is nothing short of obsessed....and I don't even care if you judge me. My family or close friends, well you have probably noticed the lack of photo texts being sent your way showing all of little man's developments. That's because they are all being uploaded to IG - where I can post without abandon and pretend I know how to use hashtags (seriously, check out this nonsense here). is what the Mango's have been up to.
  • Cruz got to enjoy some time on the farm with Papa a couple weeks ago and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - him or my dad. I looooove the fact that Cruz incessantly chants Papa when I mention his name or for minutes after our FaceTime chats with him. He adores his Papa...and stroking his full, gray beard.
  • We've got a bleeder! (Who can name that movie?) Little man got his first self-inflicted, gushing-blood wound on Sunday. I thought I would've handled it worse than I did, but I actually impressed myself and didn't cry. Not one tear. Now this is quite different from the first time he bled. I bawled like a baby. He was probably two months old and I tried cutting his nails for the first time. He squirmed just as I squeezed the clippers...and you can figure out the rest. If you had seen me then, you would've thought I had just cut off his pinky.

  • One thing our little family of three loves to do is EAT. And even more we love going out to dinner. We have made a little ritual of going to Vincenzo's for some Italian on Sunday nights. Partly because the food is so good (and cheap) and partly due to the fact that the servers all adore our little guy and dote on him like he is Knox Pitt. We changed up our game a bit and went there this past Saturday night to celebrate Britt's birthday...and some wine. All of us, evidently, by looking at the pics below.

  • (Boys, you should probably skip over this little gem.) Well, I finally took the time to get my girls measured. They have been all messed up since having little man and basically falling out of my bras, so I assumed I needed to get a much smaller size. (Sad face.) Imagine my surprise when she told me I was now a 32D. Um, yeah right honey. She handed me a bra to try in this size while I all but laughed in her face...but then it fit. Like really, really well. And I think I almost hugged her. One, because it was so nice to have a bra that actually cradled my ladies just so. But, more importantly, because I could actually text the hubs and tell him that I'm now a size D...and predict his response which for the blog's sake basically made me feel like Pamela Anderson...or Dolly Parton. Let's just say it impressed him...
  • Along other lines, I think I'm turning our son into a dog. He is obsessed with playing with Maya's dog toys. Pees, pees he screams, while signing it feverishly at the same time - wanting Nick or I to throw a toy for Maya to fetch. I swear he could do this for hours. And last night it got worse. Maya wasn't complying with his game or fetching fast enough, so Cruz decided he would. Each time I threw the ball, he would look at Maya who was lazily laying on the carpet and then take off crawling or walking to the toy and bring it back for me to throw again. We played this game for roughly an hour. And he never tired of it.
  • A couple weekends ago, I braved a day out by myself with Cruz and my sister's kiddos. I was a bit nervous because to honest sometimes it's hard to manage my one guy who is constrained to a stroller most of the time, let alone three other kids who can't be strapped in anything (although the thought did cross my mind to pick up a couple of those monkey backpack/leash things on our way). They had been stuck in the house most of the weekend, so we decided to go have lunch and then hit up Amazing Pizza Machine for some games. And we had a blast! They were so well-behaved and we even got a couple great photo ops (check out C copying my "funny face" - too cute!)
  • And lastly, if these cute little girl scouts don't stop guilting me into buying their delicious cookies, I'm going to go mad...or gain 20 lbs. Who can resist a frozen Thin Mint? Not this girl. Mmm, vodka.


  1. Love the pics! I also am having a mind over stomach conflict with the frozen thin mints! Is it unhealthy to eat a whole roll in one day?!

  2. ooohhh i love frozen thin mints.... matter of fact let me go grab a roll right now!

    ok, im back...... so yeah IG makes me a totally lazy blogger but i love that i have the pics to fall back on once i finally do get around to writing on my blog! :)


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