Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Little Luke Bryan In My Life

I wasn't sure what to expect when we planned a girl's night to Sioux City for Luke Bryan. Yes, I knew I would have fun with the girls. And yes, I knew I liked some of LB's music, but only a couple songs. And like the dork that I am, I wiki'd him to find out his number one hits so I could download them to my phone and listen to them all week, so at the concert I wouldn't have to just sway to the music pretending I knew the words.

Plus, when you are bringing together two groups of friends - new friends mixed with old friends (not old as in age but old as in friends forever) - you never know how they are going to get along. Fortunately, my different groups of friends always seem to get along when we intermix...I think it's the common denominator. Kidding. Kind of. :)

The night ended up being a blast. Here is a little recap.

  • Dinner at Luciano's in Sioux City. Good food & many cocktails. We were just goofballs. I can't describe in on here because it would be one of those "you had to be there" kind of funny and I hate when people do that.
  • Luke Bryan. Enough said. I knew he was good looking, but this guy was absolutely gorgeous in person and he moves his hips like Magic Mike. He came out in a v-neck T, tight jeans, a studded belt and a trucker hat. Um, hello yummy man. He worked the stage, had an amazing voice and was just sexy. He has definitely moved onto my list. You know the list I'm talking about. The one where you keep the top five guys you would be able to get with should you meet them in person (and because they are just dying to meet you & be with you) and your hubs can't get mad? Mine is Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham (though he would be silent - I can't stand his high-pitched voice), Paul Walker and Richard Gere (the Pretty Woman one, not the gerbil one).  I'm not yet sure who I'm giving up yet, but he will be on my list. Maybe I can just squeeze one more on it? I think I said, "omg he's so sexy" at least 67 times that night.
  • Heading back to my hometown to our little corner bar for a few beers before last call and the first comment when we walk in being, "hey, you must be a Fuchser girl because you are the only ones who wear heels in this bar." I admit it made me smile. I love being back home and I'm dang proud of my country girl roots.
  • Recapping the night with my mom and Kate when we got to my parent's house while shoveling Funyuns and Doritos in my mouth (though I won't have remembered this the next morning and would try to recap it again then) and then laying down with little man because he wouldn't fall asleep. 
  • Getting a call the next morning at 6:30am from Britt who was sleeping downstairs to alert me that the toilet had overflowed all over their bedroom and the basement living room and walking down there to masses and masses of water. 
  • Recapping the night with the girls over C-store breakfast pizza and remembering all the fun times and convos from the night before driving back to of us had to work. Boo.
Fun times.
Fun with the girls and one hot man


  1. Super fun night!! waking up to a flood...not so much :(
    Where did those super good pics of Luke come from? I know you didn't take them!!

  2. moves his hips like magic mike, ahhh hahahaha. his teeth are SO SO white!


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