Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY: Storing Your Wrapping Paper

I am the queen of easy projects. Whether it by DIY, cooking, when this gem came up on my Pinterest feed I knew I had to do it. 1) I don't like when my wrapping paper comes unraveled and gets all messy and 2) even worse, I despise using a piece of tape to hold the paper together, because when it comes time to use it again? Girlfriend always rips it. Always.

Did I say this was easy? It's beyond simple. I only took it a mere bit further with the spray paint. I mean, who wants a boring toilet paper roll holding your wrapping paper together? Not this girl.

Toilet Paper Rolls - Saves Wrapping Paper
Empty toilet paper roll
Spray Paint (what ever color fits your fancy)
Rolls & rolls of wrapping paper to fix!

I've been saving toilet paper rolls for quite some time. I'm pretty sure Nick thinks I'm half crazy when he spies the empty rolls in the master bathroom closet.

I decided to give them a quick spray...who wants to have boring, old wrapping paper savers anyway?

After drying for an hour or so, I cut one side.

And attached to my wrapping paper roll. See? That easy.

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