Monday, March 18, 2013

Accessorizing the Phone

Little man officially demolished my iPhone case...better the case than the phone, I suppose.  Plus I didn't really like that one I guess I should be thanking him. Now I can pick out one...or three that I really like. I know I should probably be targeting one of those cases that are unbreakable since Cruz now thinks tossing my phone everywhere is an okay thing to do, but that wouldn't be fun.

Enter this gorgeous metallic gold one. I have been digging gold lately figure why not sport it on my phone too?  I also love Tory Burch and if I had oodles more money I would by her totes, shoes and sunglasses, but I don't so a cell phone case will have to suffice.
Tory Burch Gold Metallic
And since this one was such a good deal on Shop Bob, I decided to get two. I mean, I don't wear the same watch, necklace or earrings every day, so why not change up my case every so often. Enter this fancy little guy that looks like leather, but is actually plastic. I also wear loads of black so this will fit right in.
Tory Burch Stacked Logo
Here were some others that almost landed in my {virtual} shopping cart. Love the brighter colors for spring, the animal prints and the gold & white stripes.

And if I had the 5, you better believe I would've ordered one of these super cute floral prints. I love love love these!
Tory Burch Robinson Printed

If you want to know the truth, my next purchase may be one of these. I am digging these fun and funky ones I found on Etsy. Though, the "Cool story, babe. Now get me a sandwich." one would be for Nick...he says this stuff to me all the time. I'm beginning to get a complex about my story-telling skills.

(iPhone cases pulled from various Etsy shops)

I really cannot believe I dedicated an entire post to cell phone cases, but I did. Any other cases out there that I need to check out?

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  1. haha i laugh at the pop can covers!

    i just got a new phone and bought THREE cases, my husbands thinks im mental! i am glad you know exactly how i feel and why i would get more than one case. LOL!


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