Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY: Frozen Yogurt Melts

I got this simple, yet awesome idea from Sarah and had to try them out for myself. Because if you know me? You know I like easy.

Frozen Yogurt Melts
Yogurt, Greek yogurt, toddler yogurt (I had some Gerber left over, but have also used Gogurt)
Pan (baking pan worked for me)

Fill baggie with yogurt, squeeze it all down to one corner. Cut the smallest of holes to disperse the yogurt onto the pan. And I'm saying small. The first time I did this the hole I cut was too big and the yogurt came out waaay too fast. By the second batch, I figured it out.

Squeeze the yogurt onto the tray in small circles.

Throw the tray into the freezer and wait approximately 10 hours (I generally keep them freezing overnight), remove, scoop up using a spatula or other kitchen utensil that I probaby don't know the name of. And voila!

Cruz generally has them done before I can even question what I should do with them. The cold yogurt is especially nice while little man is teething. Score.

Don't let this uninterested face fool you, he is a BIG fan!

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  1. i have always wanted to try these, they look WAY too easy to not make! you should link this up w/ one of my fav bloggy friends 'what we made wednesdays' find her at:


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