Friday, March 15, 2013

16 Months Old!

Sixteen months old and such a little man!

What's New With Cruz:
  • Check-Up: little man had his 15 month a couple weeks ago and it was so nice to show up at Boys Town not having been there since the end of November! For such a long time we were in there a couple times a week due to illness...and knock on wood...nothing the past few months! Best feeling ever. Cruz had a great well check - all is progressing well. He is 25.2 lbs and still continues to be in the 60% percentile for weight and height, but his head falls in the 90s. Not a big surprise there. Unfortunately, this check also brought on a round of four shots - poor guy. Only cried for a bit, yes it was one of those hold in your breath/any noise for what seems like five minutes and then scream louder than we've ever heard, but it was over just a soon as it started. He did end up getting a fever and just wasn't himself later that day and into the next, but overall no issues.

  • Sixth State: our guy has traveled to number five and six states this month. We headed to Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas to visit mama's friends - it didn't end well if you remember here - but we had a great car ride down with daddy, shopped like crazy and then had dinner with auntie Tricia. Prior to this he has obviously been to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota in May (helmet wrap!) and Houston in October. 

  • Talking: he is talking up a storm these days. Annoyingly, er interestingly, he overuses the words "pees" (while feverishly signing it at the same time) and "dada" (oftentimes referring to me as dada as well), only getting louder after not being paid attention to the first time. He is also starting to talk in sentences - though these sentences make no sense whatsoever - but you can tell he's trying to get something out. On our end, we have had to be very careful with our bad words. I have a bit of a potty mouth, as does the hubs, and we realized this the hard way after little man repeated "Jesus" (after Nick said it) and "oh shit" (me).
  • Eating: Cruz still eats so real complaints. He loves fruit, likes veggies and is ok with meats. I do find myself trying to get creative with meals and change it up every now and then, but it's not easy. Plus I'm no chef.  He is loving pasta, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, veggie stirfry w/ quinoa, cheese pizza, mandarin oranges, strawberries, fruit snacks and grapes. BUT, we think he is allergic to blueberries - after noticing a rash appear around his mouth soon after eating them. Gatorade is his drink of choice - as if he has one - but he also loves milk and water. He has also learned to dip his food into things - ketchup, syrup, you name it - and is adamant about doing it himself.  And he's still throwing his food off the side of the high chair which makes for a happy dog, but an annoyed mama.

  • Carseat: is officially pointing to the front (don't judge!) and is working very well for us. We didn't make this decision so we could "look at him in the backseat" or anything like that, we just felt it was time...and our pedi signed off.

  • Development: we have said to ourselves no less than 20 times that our kiddo is so smart and has learned so much over the past few weeks.  Every day it seems like he comes up with something new that we are just amazed he has picked up, whether it be by mirroring us or direct from the nanny. The big ones are being able to point out his body parts when you ask him, "where is your mouth?" (points to mouth and sticks tongue out) and "where's your hair?" (slamming his hands down on his head and rubbing them over his hair).  He has also added many new animal and vehicle noises to his repertoire.  We can lay out his animal cards and he will point to each and make their sound. See, I don't lie. Smartest.Kid.Eva. :)

 XO buddy!

Monster man!!


  1. little cruz sounds SO smart just like avrie and i am thinking not b/c we are smart as well BUT... avrie is also in the 90th (94) percentile for her head- big headed kids = big brains! ;)

  2. I just love him! What a doll :)

    He and Tory and seriously two peas in a pod. The things they do sound so similar and I just know they'd be up to no good if they got together to play again.

    I think the copycat stage is so funny, except for the part where he's repeating naughty words. Thankfully, Tory hasn't picked up on that one yet because her daddy's favorite work *may* start with an F.

  3. Love this little guy! What a smart kid!


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