Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two In A Row...

Evidently my son doesn't feel I do enough laundry in a day's time and continues to help me ensure I have plenty of sleepers, blankets and onesies to wash.

This morning following our 5:30am feeding, I was in the nursery changing Cruz and while I had his little feet hoisted in the air wiping his backside, he gave himself a the face and soaking his PJs. Surprisingly, this is the first time he's gotten himself in the face, but this follows a conversation yesterday I had with my sister Jen and then later my mom about needing to get a Pee-Pee Teepee "For the Sprinkling Wee-Wee" (just love the name!). Mom was saying she was surprised he hasn't yet gotten himself...oh how you speak to soon.

Prior to this little adventure, I was planning to head back to bed once I got him changed and back to sleep, but it's amazing how much laughing while your son showers himself with urine will wake you up and prohibit you from falling asleep....

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