Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011: Cookie Traditions

Kicking off the Christmas season, my sister & I always plan to spend a day at her house baking up a storm of cookies and other holiday treats. This year was no exception and we decided to introduce Cruz to this tradition in big way!

Tessa baking up a storm

We spent about six hours whipping up frosted sugar cookies, white & milk chocolate covered pretzels, turtles, chocolate peanut butter Ritz cookies, chocolate star cookies and ginger snaps. The best part is now that her kiddos are big enough they can help out with the sprinkles and frosting which makes it so much more fun than Tessa and I trying to see who can be the most artistic and creative - although we both acknowledge we lack the artist gene.

Cruz is a BIG help

Decorating & frosting sugar cookies - Aaysen, Kayden & Dayvaney

It got messy so the shirts came off!

Afterwards the kiddos got time to cuddle with Cruz - Dayvie just loves holding him and feeding him. She will be a great little babysitter some day. And Aaysen couldn't believe that Cruz was "hitting" him when his arms were flailing about. They are all in love with their newest cousin!
Dayvie and her favorite "dolly"

Ace & Cruzer lounging around
Part one of the Christmas festivities in the books...onto the traveling and celebrating!

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