Monday, December 5, 2011

My Baby Boy: Three Weeks Old

I can hardly believe Cruz is three weeks old! Time has flown and I'm loving every moment of getting to know this little guy. He is really such a great baby...Nick & I have been so lucky. He rarely cries, if anything he fusses when he's hungry. He's a great eater, he is sleeping well (it could be worse, I hear) and he is just the most beautiful boy...I could stare at him all day.

My favorite things of this past week:
  • He has been so much more aware this week and spends more time awake. I love our early morning time when it's just him and I - and I get to stare away at him, taking in all of his changes.
  • He intently stares as he checks out his surroundings and takes in new sights and people.
  • He seems to recognize mommy & daddy's voices. If he hears one of us, his gaze quickly follows the sound.
  • His hands continue to be a great deal of interest to him. We barely have him swaddled and he's wriggling out at least one hand (generally his left first), if not both.
  • He's just about growing out of his newborn clothes. A couple of his outfits have already been retired since he cannot fully stretch out in them any longer. While I'm happy he's a growing boy, I'm so sad he's growing so quickly.

Happy three weeks, Little Man!

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  1. He is already practicing dance moves!!! What a little ham.. He is a cutie!


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