Monday, December 26, 2011

My Baby Boy: Six Weeks Old

Six weeks old....WOW! Cruzer is growing and changing every single day and it's been amazing spending time with him all day, every day. This week was definitely a big one with Cruz's first Christmas and a lot of travel to northeast Nebraska and back to Omaha for three different get togethers.

  • Cruz is becoming so much more alert - following sounds/voices, discovering his limbs (although not sure how to control them yet), staying awake longer throughout the day. 
  • This weeks marks the first thumb sucking...done while at my parent's house over our Christmas visit. We definitely need to work on getting him used to that pacifier to make sure he doesn't become accustomed to his thumb!
  • It seems as though we are days away from his first "real" smile and his first words (and by words I mean cooing and jabbering)...he's trying so hard to talk that I know its going to happen any day.
  • Cruz continues to sleep in his basinet in our room and we only have a couple hours between feedings during the night. The debate is on whether we give him a little bit of rice cereal to get through the night or if we need to suck it up until he gets a bit older. Family and friends have sworn by the rice cereal but our pediatrician says not yet, so we are going to side with the pediatrician (for now...)
  • He has the habit of fussing when he just wants to be picked up and cuddled for a bit and usually he only prefers when his mommy does this with a little bounce while patting his booty. Daddy is getting better at this now as well and can calm him down when he fusses.
  • His neck continues to get stronger and he can hold it up for a couple seconds at a time when he's on tummy time or on our shoulder. Not only his head but his legs have a strong kick and he's got a great grip with his little fingers. On Friday, he grasped his new soft baseball rattle and shook it around a bit - so cute!

Shaking his new rattle from uncle Mook & aunt Britt

Happy 6 weeks of life, Little Mango!!

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  1. Six weeks old already! WOW, time really flies by. He's so handsome Katie, enjoy him.


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