Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Baby Boy: Five Weeks Old

Five weeks old already and Little Mango is growing like crazy! While we haven't had him weighed since his two week check-up, he is definitely filling out and putting on some pounds. His cheeks are filling out (getting me closer to the chubby cheeks that I've longed for) and he feels solid.

  • My anxiety has subsided and we finally took him out on the town this weekend! We went to Shevy's for dinner on Friday night...where he hung out with Uncle Mook, Aunt Britt, Uncle Kyle and Kurt, plus he got to see Shevy and Jeremy. On Saturday, Nick and I were feeling brazen and took him to lunch at the new Tanner's and then later that day he and I went shopping (yes...him and I on our own!) at Village Pointe. It was 50 degrees in December, so we had to take advantage of that!
  • Aunt Jen came to visit and help out this week - he loved spending time with her! We went shopping and relaxed around the house. It was nice for me to have an extra set of hands so I could get some stuff done around the house.
  • We discovered the boppy this week and it's a great way for him to have support while he sits up. We may try it in the middle of the night to help with his congestion that still hasn't completely gone away.
  • When he's awake we spend time playing under the floor gym where he stares away at the colors and on his tummy to help him develop head & neck strength.
  • Cruz experienced his first tummy ache this week. It was heartbreaking when he was crying through his feeding...thankfully it lasted less than 24 hours.
Relaxing in his boppy

Hanging with Nanu John

Tummy time with Daddy

 Happy 5 weeks, Cruzer!

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