Monday, December 19, 2011

One Of Those Days...

Today was a lazy, relaxing day in the Manganaro household, primarily due to the fact that we had four men upstairs putting in our new wood floors which required that we move to the basement for the day. We packed up all we needed for little man (bottles, pampesan, diapers, wipes, floor gym, you name it...) and everything we needed (laptops, iPad, camera, water, cell phones, etc) for a day sequestered in an area we don't use very often.

We planned a day chock full of playing, watching movies and battling each other in Words with Friends, so I dressed Cruzer in lounge-wear for the part. However, Nick opted to call him an old P.E. teacher, saying that with his sweatpants and shirt tucked into his pants (it was a onesie, mind you) that he reminded him of his former P.E. teacher in high school. Seriously, a PE teacher?

Little P.E. teacher

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