Monday, December 12, 2011

My Baby Boy: Four Weeks Old

Little Man is 4 weeks old! I feel like I will be saying this every week, but I can't believe how fast it's going...he's almost a month old! He continues to grow like a weed and has changed so much. His little face is filling out. Cruz is very alert and loves to check out his surroundings. He spent a lot of time with his cousins this weekend and I found myself envisioning what he will be like when he's a year old (like DeLaney), 3 years (like Aaysen), 4 years (like Sophia), 5 years (like Dayvaney), 6 years (like Kayden) and 17 years (like Blake).

  • Cruz had his first major car trip this weekend for DeLaney's Baptism & 1st birthday party in Emerson - he was such a good traveler. Although his mama is still riding in back with him while daddy drives.
  • He attended his first church service this week - and slept the entire time.
  • Cruz is crushing 4oz of formula these days - he's such a great eater!
  • The pacifier is becoming our friend - we are working on giving him the pacifier when he wakes up instead of immediately feeding him so we can extend the amount of time between feedings. Unlike our previous idea of "if he cries, give him the bottle."
  • This week also marks his first time being sick - Little Man woke up very congested in the middle of the night. We tried to remedy this with steam baths, running the humidifier & heater at night as well as a Vicks vaporizer. We also had to use the saline and aspirator to pull boogs from his nose. He HATED it at first, but toward the end of the week got used to it and just went with it.
  • When Cruz is upset, holding him in your arms while sitting down will not cut it. He loves to be walked around while you pat his little booty. 

Happy 4 weeks Little Mango!

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