Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Swoon For Boon

Thanks to Little Baby Garvin for the heads up on great baby products! I'd never heard of Boon, Inc. until today and I'm hooked at all of the great baby junk they offer. Yes, I have a bottle drying rack...but the Lawn rack is so much prettier. And, yes, I have baby spoons/dishes for solid foods...but the Squirt is WAY better. I could use a regular old knife to cut up a banana for my cereal and for little man's future solid foods...but Nanner is immensely cooler {plus the name is amazing!}.

Love the product names. Love the product descriptions. Love everything....can't wait to add a lot of these to little man's collection of stuff. Check them out....

Going to have...

Lawn Countertop Drying Rack
Can't wait to get this bad boy in!

Lawn Drying Rack Accessory

Twig Drying Rack Accessory

Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon
Are you kidding me....dump the food into the Squirt spoon & squeeze out as needed.

Need to have....

Nanner Hand-Held Banana Slicer
How freakin' cute is this thing?!?! {And the name!}

Flair Pedestal High Chair
Love our Chicco 360 chair, but this is gorg!!
Glo Color-ChangingNightlight w/ Portable Glowing Balls
In LOVE w/ this nightlight!
Removable Glo balls. Turn a light into a game of catch -
they don't get warm and they won't break (not electric).
Glow fades after 30 minutes, helping them fall asleep
(95% effective at keeping monsters away).
Flaunt Shelf Displayx
Curl Baby Shoe Rack

Penguin Stack Snack Container

So many fun products...and so little time!

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