Sunday, March 4, 2012

Emergency Room Visit

Last night I took little man to the emergency room. I had to work late so I bundled Cruz up and took him over to my sisters. I hated having to leave him, but knew he would be in great hands.

I picked him up around 11pm and he had been sleeping for a while {which is great} but was so warm to the touch. Once I got him home, I took his temperature and it was 101 degrees - while I was feeding him I googled temps and it recommended that fevers over 100.4 be brought in. After feeding him and giving him a breathing treatment {which didn't seem to help because he was coughing & wheezing like mad}, I gave the Boy's Town nurses line a call {well, actually I called while I was feeding him and left my information for them to call me took a while}. The nurse asked many questions to understand how little man was feeling and when she asked that I put the phone up to him and heard his wheezy breathing, she quickly recommended I bring him to the Children's Hospital emergency room {but first asked that I give him another breathing treatment}.

I called the hubby {of course bawling at this point - and effectively freaking him out - I just cannot control my tears these days when it involves this little guy} and let him know we were going in and he was so worried {he's still out of town}. I reassured him I would call him as soon as I got down there and we saw the doctor. Then I called Tessa - I'm not sure why {besides the fact that she or my mom are always my first call in important situations} but told her to hold of on making a trip down. During this time, Nick had called his mom, dad and brother and then called me to let me know Marc was going to meet me there since he was in the area.

We got checked in {but not without a bit of drama, in my haste I had forgotten my wallet and didn't have my insurance card} and then a nurse, resident and doctor all checked him out. While we were there he had a coughing fit and the nurse turned him over on his side where he puked up a bunch of mucus. They told me it had been a good decision to bring him in, but with his case of RSV he is now ascending on the worst of the days and besides the breathing treatments, continuing to suck his nose and Tylenol there isn't much we can do.

I got him back home around 2:30am, got him changed and fed and he was restless so we rocked and walked until about 3:30am or so. He finally fell asleep and didn't wake up until 7am this morning. He was looking somewhat better which made me feel good. After a bottle and breathing treatment, he slept for an hour and woke up to a coughing fit where he proceeded to puke all over himself again - it was bad, in his ear, all over his face and all over himself. A bath was definitely needed and after I got him all put back together, he proceeded to puke up more mucus all over himself and I had to change him yet again. Since he's been feeling a bit better...

Having a sick baby is definitely taking a toll on the both of us. I'm just hoping that if I continue doing what the doctors recommend he will get through this sooner than we anticipate.Once again, another area where being a parent proves to kick your butt and you are NEVER prepared for what's to come....let's hope we get our healthy, little guy back soon.

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