Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Doctor's Visit

Well, it seems the Mango's are becoming regulars at the Boys Town Pediatrics office. Late last week we had little man's four month well check and a follow up on his RSV - and all things were looking good. We were very optimistic because his cough and congestion continued to get better as they told us it would after the fifth day. But things made a turn on Monday night, Cruzer's cough came back in full force {more of a barking sound} and you could tell he was coughing trying to clear out his nose and all the mucus in there. He didn't sleep much Monday night - we woke up to his coughing fits about every hour, seemed to be a bit better Tuesday at day care {though they mentioned to Tessa when she picked him up that he was coughing more than normal} and Tuesday night was a repeat of Monday. We called the nurse on Wednesday morning and she advised us to bring him in because she was worried that he now had Croup {ugh...}.

I left work, picked Cruz up and we headed to Boys Town. After Dr Shidler looked him over, she determined that it wasn't Croup, but instead an ear infection {poor baby}. All the coughing was spreading the virus north and it caused his right ear to become infected.

So we made another visit to the pharmacist to pick up yet another prescription and got him settled. Last night he fortunately slept much better - a couple middle of the night coughing spells but none woke him up until 4am {I was thankful for the extra sleep}. Hopefully this junk leaves him soon so we can get our healthy little boy back. The positive side to this...he is still such a smiley little guy! Even though you know he's uncomfortable, he is still in a good mood and giving us those big, toothless grins.

The doctors say it's better for him to be exposed to this stuff now and build up his immune system, so I would say we are doing a great job of adhering to their wishes. Let's just hope the nice weather will end his seeminly endless cold.

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