Monday, March 26, 2012

Feeling Better...

Though we haven't heard for sure, I'm fairly certain little man will be getting fitted for a helmet in the next few weeks/months. It's not for lack of working with him, but his little head is still mis-shapen due to plagiocephaly {asymmetrical head-shape}, . As much as it's bothered me {you know this from my past posts}, I'm coming to terms with this fact and I just want him to get better. And if putting him in a cranial remolding helmet will help ensure he doesn't have any future issues caused by this, then I would do it tomorrow.

After continuous research online and in different parent chat rooms, I found solice in one of my favorite blogs...I've been reading "Preston the Puggle" for quite some time and didn't even realize until last week's post that her little guy has plagiocephaly - and Preston is helping his little buddy, Nolan, get through this time. How cute is this? {I discovered Preston because he was the cover model on my first book about Puggles I received just after getting our Puggle, Maya.}

Preston the Puggle

And I found another post while searching the web that I really related to {My First Mommy Fail} because I have often felt like I'm failing little man when it comes to keeping him perfect {I know, no one's perfect}.  The only difference is that my "fail" resides in the fact that I didn't know ANYTHING about Torticollis or plagiocephaly until it was too late. I mean, the only exposure I had was a family aquaintance from my hometown, whose little guy had to wear a helmet because the back of his head was flat - but I was always told/under the impression it was because they kept him on his back too much {knowing more about this now, I guarantee that wasn't the case}. Had I known more about this condition, perhaps I would've noticed something was off sooner. But I didn't...

Then the other day in Target, I saw a mommy with her little guy and he had a helmet. I took this opportunity to ask her some questions and mentioned that our little man may have to get one as well. She was so helpful and reinforced the fact that this process was much worse on her than it seemed to be on him. She said he sleeps well and hasn't had any issues. He was 9 months old and would more than likely wear it for four months. Just talking with another mommy who has felt what I've been feeling made me feel so much better.
Next steps will be our follow up visit with Tim from Trust Orthotics. He will do another scan and then determine if there has been any improvement with little man's development. From there, we'll see...


  1. I think the Target mommy is right - it's probably so much harder on you than it is for Cruz. We just want the best for our little babies and it sounds like you are providing just that.

    Also, think about all the education you're doing for the cause. I didn't know anything about Torticollis and now I feel like I could relate to someone who might be going through the same thing or be more aware of the signs ... all because of you and Cruz!

    Cruz is such a darling little boy and a cute temporary helmet (with his name on it - so cute in the pic of little Nolan above!) won't change that :)

    1. Thanks Heather - I'm starting to feel much better about it the more I learn about the condition. It's great for me to get some education out of this experience and to figure out how to help others who may be feeling the same way. It could very well be worse and I'm thankful that this is the only thing we are having to deal with since it can be easily corrected.


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