Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh What A Happy, Happy Birthday

Last weekend, the hubby and I packed up little man for a trip up north to celebrate my niece Sophie's birthday party. We all met up at Valentino's for lunch {why is it on every trip my family has to eat's so dang good!} and then it was off to Gobs & Gobbs of Fun for lots of playing and laughing!

It was a great day spending time with little Soph and the fam - she was so excited about her favorite gift, a Persian kitten! All I can think about is how I can't wait until Cruzer is old enough to partake in all of the fun and games.

The beautiful birthday girl

Posing at Gobs & Gobbs of Fun {pic credit via Sophia}

Auntie Jen and the Cruzer

Singing 'Happy Birthday' to Miss Sophia

DeLaney enjoying a cupcake

The biggest cupcake was reserved for the birthday girl

Josh & Ash hanging with little man

The big reveal: Sophia's present Rosebud Kitty
{Soph picked out the name!}
Papa & Cruzer

Mommy & her fav boy
Happy 5th birthday to Sophia Lynn!

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