Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Man's Baptism

This past Sunday we had Cruzer's baptism at Bethany Lutheran Church {the same church we were married in}. It was a special day and we celebrated with all of our family. Little man did so well during the service and throughout the actual baptism {even though we had quite the rough night the night before}. After the service, the Pastor came up to the hubby & I and told us that we had the largest following for a baptism that he's ever seen {it goes to show that little man is loved to pieces...and that we have a VERY large extended family!}

After the service, the entire group headed to Upstream for was great catching up with everyone and enjoying the mimosas :).  We are very lucky to have such an amazing family and love that we can get everyone together for these types of events. Check out our happy little man and the festivities -

Happy lil' guy - ready for his big day!

And wearing shoes for the first time EVER :)

Had to complete the outfit with this hat....

....except he does look like a little limo driver

With Cruz's godparents - Marc & Tessa

He did so well after the Pastor doused him in Holy Water

Presenting him to the Congregation

With Nanu John & Grammy Jan

Posing with Little Man's sponsors

Happy little family

Papa Ron & Grandma Dianne

Duane & Grandma Carol

Nanu & Grammy with their grandkiddos

Grandpa Florian & his grandkids & great grandkids

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