Monday, May 30, 2011

New (and Not So New) Obsessions

Would you believe it....I actually started (and can't stop) watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. Seriously, me who never uses a coupon unless it's "Spend $50 get $100" for Express, Limited or Victoria's Secret, and here I am watching the Extreme Couponing marathon like I'm studying how to do it myself. To be honest, it is just terribly interesting to me and makes me wonder if I'm throwing away money every time I go grocery shopping. Does that mean I will change, hmmm....more than likely not, but who knows. I think I need to watch the remaining episodes to decide if couponing is for me. To be continued....

I've been checking out big ticket baby items and trying to understand the costs of everything, whether it be baby furniture, strollers, etc. I was talking (and by talking I mean Facebooking) with my college roomie Shauna who owns a gorgeous baby store in Kearney called Time for Baby. Duh...why wouldn't I have asked her in the first place what she recommends - she has two kiddos and gives this advice to new mommies every day. When she saw the UppaBaby stroller I had put on a previous post, she told me that there was a better one out there (and one I actually hadn't seen yet!) called Baby Jogger Stroller. I checked it out and LOVED it in Diamond White. What else is great is that you can customize it and get additional pieces for future babies. It doesn't look too big and bulky and I like how modern it is. It's $499 which seems a bit high (even though the Uppa I was looking at was even more), but I've heard that if you are going to spend money, then a stroller is an important piece to do so. Hmmm....what to do...

The other REALLY important purchase is the Diaper Bag, of course! Now this is where I've been spending tons of my time. I want to make sure to find a cute and chic Diaper Bag and one that is functional. Here are a couple I'm checking out - any recommendations or thoughts on either of these?

OiOi Hobo Sack Diaper Bag in Black

Timi & Leslie Charlie II Diaper Bag in Black

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