Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Living our Lives.... seems like a lot has gone on over the week and I've been meaning to blog, but haven't gotten to it yet! So now it's all going to be spewed out here!

We got some GREAT news on Thursday - Nick's brother Marc proposed to his girlfried Brittany in Las Vegas - I'm now going to have a new sister in law and I couldn't be more excited! Congrats Marc & Britt!

This weekend was fairly slow at work which was nice, so after delivering efficient lightbulbs in Council Bluffs neighborhoods for work, Jill, Jen Wilson and I hit was hilarious and I definitely recommend it! What a great movie to see with your girlfriends, but I know Nick would've loved it too. Later that night we met some friends for dinner at Firebirds. It was the first time I've seen most of them since we broke the news that we are expecting (yes, I've become quite a hermit in my pregnant state) and it was great seeing everyone. Oh, and Little Mango got his first Hawkeye onesie from Ross &'s so cute!

Go Hawks!

On Sunday - Patricia, Heidi, Shannon and I went to lunch at Cantina Laredo and it was great spending some girl time with them and especially fun because we found out that Heidi is expecting again this week so Brekken will have a little brother or sister not soon after we have ours! After lunch we hit The Afternoon and I picked up some fun cards and a book for Marc & Britt. That night we had a VIP dinner at the aquarium at the Henry Doorly Zoo and I have to say it was probably one of the best events we have ever put on at work. We invited VIP guests to have dinner under the 70ft shark tunnel and at cocktail hour there was a cute little African penguin named Luchius waddling around with our guests. I loved it!

Shark tunnel & dinner tables

Dessert table: the dolphins are made of cake - 
our food & beverage team is amazing!

Luchius - the African penguin

Today was productive as well - Dayvaney graduated from preschool so Nick & I met with Tessa and Aaysen to attend the program - it was so cute and we are so proud of her. Off to kindergarten next year...time really flies! I was supposed to have our 12 week appointment this afternoon, but Dr McTaggart was called into labor so we had to reschedule for tomorrow morning. I'm really excited to hear the heartbeat! Since our afternoon plans were squashed, Nick & I decided to go to Tiburon to golf 9 holes. It was my first time out this year and I did can be such a frustrating game, but I need to get out a bit more because that always seems to help.

To top it all off (and getting back to my preggo self), "morning" sickness has really set in and I've been throwing up all of my meals. Yes, I know, it seems like the best diet ever, however, I really don't think it's healthy for the baby....Nick was reading up on it last night and it says I need to eat slower and drink less water while I'm eating (evidently I hoover my food and use water like they do in the hot dog eating contests...) Well I tried doing that last night with my FIL's world famous pasta and it still didn't work. I'm going to talk to my doctor about that tomorrow.

Well, I think I covered everything....what a fun week and ready to start the work week back up tomorrow...

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