Saturday, May 7, 2011

While Husbands are Away, the Girls Will Play

I've been super bummed lately because Nick has been traveling like crazy. Since he is a professional poker player living in Nebraska, the majority of his work is done online and well a couple weeks ago that part of his job changed. The government shut down the three major poker sites and indicted all of the owners on illegal gambling and money laundering. As of now, online poker is no longer and it doesn't seem realistic that this will change in at minimum a year, unless the government passes the bill to legalize online gaming.
So, with ALL of that being said, Nick has had to travel to work. Most recently he was in Las Vegas for two weeks, mainly playing in the Venetian's tournaments. Fortunately I only had a week without him because on his second week out there I was traveling for work to Atlantic City and for fun in New York City. That didn't matter though because I still really missed him. It doesn't ever seem to get easier - I guess I really like having him around. :)

Easter landed on the first weekend he was away, so I traveled to Emerson to celebrate easter with my family. It was great - I went after work on Saturday night and then was able to make early church with the fam on Sunday. For lunch, my mom's side came over, along with my Grandpa Fuchser and Josh's girlfriend's parents. Surprisingly we only had two kiddos and one was my brother's baby, DeLaney, who is too young for the Easter Egg hunt, so Sophia was our lone participant. She was so cute!

My travel buddy, Maya

My brother's daughter, DeLaney (4 months)

My sister Heather's daughter, Sophia - carrying all of her Easter Hunt loot!

 Little Mango's first Easter present from my Mom & Dad
After Easter I immediately went off on my work trip and later met my mom & sister Jen in New York (you can read all about the trip in my next post). We got back to Omaha late on Tuesday night around the same time Nick got done with golf league, so we had about an hour together before I was exhausted and needed to sleep. I worked all day Wednesday...I actually found out I had to stay late for our employee rallies and Nick met up with some friends for dinner. the time he finally got home he had four hours left before he was flying out to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. Argh....when will I ever get to spend some time with my husband?!?!

To pass the time and since my sister's husband Chris is out of town, I met up with her and her kids after work tonight at Kid's Stuff Superstore. While I was out of town she had called because she found the perfect bedding for our nursery. I had to see it for myself and of course she was right. I loved the colors and the pattern - I think it would be perfect for either a boy or a girl. This could be it....but I still need to do a little looking before committing to something this major. I also found a stroller that I loved! After dinner we took the kiddos out for sandwiches and had some laughs while they were dancing all over Jimmy John's.

Cocalo Couture Harlow Collection bedding - gorgeous!

UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller in Yellow

Aaysen, Dayvaney & Kayden being their wacky
selves. This was what I got when I said, "Let's take a
picture to send to uncle Nick!"

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