Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Dancing Backwards in High Heels"

All I can say is I had an amazing 30th birthday weekend - it actually made turning 30 so much easier. Nick surprised me on Thursday night with a new set of golf clubs, which was such a great present....I've been talking about them for a long time but I didn't even think thto ask for them for my birthday. To top it off, he also got me a new glove - Footjoy white & yellow. Damn, I'm going to look good on the course - if only my golf game would match!

My new golf clubs complete w/ hybrids!

Love, love, love the yellow & white glove!
On Friday I worked but it was a pretty low-key day and at our employee rally they got me on stage and sang "happy birthday" and then the chefs presented me with a gorgeous birthday cake! It had a sugar stiletto on it filled with white, milk and dark chocolate truffles....mmm.  When I got over to Harrah's from Horseshoe I had balloon bouquets lining the entrance to my office (one from Mom & Dad and the other from Patricia & Aly) AND Mom had sent 30th cookies for everyone - and I can tell you, I ate A LOT of sweets that day! That night Nick and I met Marc & Britt for a movie - saw "Bridesmaids" again and it was just as good as the first time - definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't see it yet.

Stiletto Cake at work...mmm delicious
Last minute we decided to get some people together for my birthday, so we met at Rick's Boatyard for cocktails - more like mocktails for me. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and so many people showed up! My fam brought so many great gifts and one of my favorite was the Sony Bloggie Touch - I'm so excited to start using this on Yellow Mango. It takes video, still photos and you can also take still photos while taking video. It's small and compact, which will be nice to have when the baby comes! After Rick's everyone headed to Hiro 88 for dinner, which has become one of my favorite places in Omaha. Yum - I had Edamame, Snow White Chicken and some Crab Rangoons, seriously, YUM! Dinner was great and then Tess had brought a gorgeous yellow & black cake. I think we had a bit too much fun with the cake and between mom, Tessa and I most of it ended up on our faces and in our hair, but we had a blast! A small group of us headed to Nomad after and, if you can believe it, my old lady butt stayed out until 2am! I haven't been awake at 2am in a LONG time - I was tired for sure!

W/ Mom and Tessa at Hiro
Tessa, Josh & I at Hiro - (I do believe this resembles a certain iconic New York City
 photo from 2003 - if only Josh had a cigar hanging out of his mouth!)

THE cake...which was all over mom, Tessa & I at the end of the night.

I have to say I definitely paid for it on Sunday....I thought the point of not drinking was that you don't get a hang over....unfortunately I felt like I had the WORST hang over ever on Sunday. I woke up and couldn't stop throwing up - I tried to eat some saltines but threw them up as well. Nothing was helping. I went into work for a bit but ended up going home to try and rest it off because I had the last of my birthday weekend celebration later that night....USHER! Fortunately (do I say fortunately) I wasn't alone in my feeling bad on Sunday and Tessa shared my pain with massive cramps (you're welcome for sharing, Tess!) of her own so we were two debbie downers all day, but once we get to the show we stated feeling better and had a great time. I have to say I wasn't as impressed with his show as I hoped - it was so slow - I forgot how many slow songs he has, but he made up for it every time he took his shirt off. Woo wee!

"U-S-H-E-R baby tell me what you want to do to me"
All in all my birthday weekend was so great and if this is a taste of what 30 is going to be, then I'm going to enjoy it!

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