Wednesday, May 18, 2011

12 Weeks: What's New...

Due Date: November 26th....what's that you say, the 26th, I thought it was the 27th?? Yeah and so did I based on my little online calculations. I didn't realize I hadn't confirmed that with my doctor until I went in for our 12 week on Tuesday morning. Yep, I was wrong and I've been telling everyone wrong. Our little Mango is coming a day earlier than expected!

Baby Developments: Well....I had my 12 week appointment yesterday and heard the heartbeat for the first time!! was so great - very strong and loud. We are soon embarking on the 2nd trimester and I can't wait.  Baby is the size of a plum this week and is moving into the growth and maturation stage. At this point, almost all of his systems are fully formed. Baby is moving but unfortunately it's just too early to feel him yet.

Weight Gain: Hovering around that 2lbs mark, however, when you get down to the belly shot you would think it was 10lbs....I've definitely got a protruding belly at this point. Nick actually said it was cute tonight...yeah, cute.

Cravings:  What is it they say about going to the grocery store on an empty stomach....oh yeah, don't. Well I did and you should see the array of food I came home with tonight. Starbursts, ice cream, french onion dip, every flavored water under the sun, good & plentys....thankfully there was quite a bit of fruit and veggies in there as well, but really?? Did I need to get all of that junk?

Symptoms:  So, part of the reason I justify the junk is because I have been vomiting up every meal I've eaten for the past five days. Prior to that it was maybe once a day, but now it is every meal. Today at work, for example, it was six times. Yes....six. How do I know you ask - I counted every single trip I had to take to the bathroom. I talked to my doctor yesterday and she said it's common. My biggest concern was whether or not little Mango was getting enough nutrients and she convinced me all is well for now. If I don't see it cease by sixteen weeks, then we have a problem. She offered me two different medications that could potentially help curb the vomiting, but with the glowing description she gave me about the first (it would knock me out immediately after taking it) or the second (severe constipation) - I decided to ride it out with the puking. AND to make matters worse, my boobs are extremely sore. Sudden movements and running are painful - it's either time to invest in some good sports bras or suck it up.

I am loving: Hearing the heartbeat was definitely the highlight of my week. It just makes everything feel a bit more real. I also have to say that my male employees at work have been really great - they are always catchng me if I'm lifting something that looks to heavy or doing too much moving around and offering to help...I have to admit it's kind of nice.

Sleep: Still sleeping well and getting at least my 8 hours, but I thankfully don't seem as exhausted as in previous weeks. My biggest shame of the week was going out on Saturday night with friends and getting excited to leave the bar at 11pm. I have to tell you it's just not as fun when you're not drinking.

I miss: Having a cocktail! (I'm sensing a pattern here...)

I am looking forward to: The next ultrasound which isn't for another six weeks! I can't wait to see how much the baby has changed since our 8 week ultrasound.

I am spazzing about: Last week I had a couple spazzy moments when I woke up and just didn't feel like I was pregnant. Ever since I've been pregnant I've had a little feeling in my belly (not moving around or anything, just different) and I didn't have it a couple times last week. Thankfully my doctor's appointment cleared that up and all is well. I've just got to get used to my body feeling weird and not going nuts over it.

Best moment this week: I'll let you guess.....

It's a...: According to the Chinese gender predictor on TheBump it's going to be a boy. There is a tool where you plug in the age you were when you conceived and the month you conceived. I'm not 100% convinced, but it would sure make Nick ecstatic!

Exercise: I will give it a B- this week. Lot's of walks with Maya, but only once to Zorinsky to run. However, I do believe I made the most of it my last time there when I made myself alternate tricep dips and push-ups on each bench I passed. I really didn't think that one out & didn't realize how many damn benches were along that trail - I was in pain for days!

Diet: Ok, but not great.

Goals for the upcoming week: Map out a better To-Do list - one that is easier for me to follow. I need to do things my way and at my pace.

Belly shot:

Hard to see, but that is a bump and what's looking
like an even flatter ass now that my stomach
is protruding (thanks Fuchser-side)

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