Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Painted Nightstand

A couple weekends ago (two to be exact), I made myself feel a bit handy and repainted an old nightstand to be used in Cruz's ever evolving toddler room.

I got the idea from this Spearmint Baby post, and I knew I wanted to do something similar with this old nightstand we had lying around from what was our guest bedroom in the basement, which has since become Cruz's toy room.

I fully intended to copy the exact look, except in black & white, but then at the last minute changed my mind and went this route instead. And it was easy. As in easy peasy, grab a glass of wine, your favorite iTunes playlist and go to town.

All you need:
  • A lame, old nightstand
  • Sandpaper - 80 grit first, 120 grit to smooth it out
  • Paintbrush and a small roller
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Painter's Touch white gloss & black gloss
  • A corkscrew to pop the top off the paint cans
  • And a wine glass filled with your choice of vino

And voila!

The perfect piece for your toddler's room that you have no idea what do with the rest of. Remember the start of this craziness here and my mini obsession with deer heads?

Seriously, if you've seen my disjointed pins on Pinterest lately, you know I change my mind weekly on the theme of Cruz's room. I was in love with the idea to do a cool superhero room, but Nick was oddly against that. Then I thought a car/Route 66 theme, but I bought a bunch of knick knacks and quickly decided that wasn't for me, err Cruz. I've thought about baseball, lego, name it, it's probably crossed my mind.

Here is all I know, I want to paint the walls white and either change up the gray/white stripes on one wall to black & white OR all white with Urban Walls decals.Then figure out a theme/pop of color.

Any ideas? If you have a sec, could you check out my board and let me know your favorite theme?

Come on now, I could really use the help. =)

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  1. Well I think it looks great. It's hard picking a theme when you know they will change their likes a ton in the coming years. So many options and I'm sure anything you choose will look awesome. Lucky little boy. ;)

  2. you know i love me some john deere theme. but maybe you could make it less obvious. so like, roll with the black and white business you have going on, and throw in some industrial shelving. (like pipes for brackets and a wood friend just did this and got black pipes at a plumbing store.) then in the accessories you could do pops of green and yellow. (like maybe a spray painted yellow, cardboard deer head, or maybe some vintage farm signs, or maybe some old farm hats on hooks, or or can you come over and decorate kaye's room?

  3. Look at you all handy....way to go, lady!! Looks amazing!

    Head on over to my blog and enter to win a wall decal of your choice from Transform Your Walls. ;)

  4. I totally see that little rockstar that is Cruz in his room!! Great DIY!

  5. I went to your board and "liked" the pin that I loved the most. It includes your already black/white theme and superheros + adds a little color. I think it would be an easy transition with what you already have going on in there and seems right up your alley (from what I can tell) as your decor style. I love decorating and am already planning on Capri's big girl room theme! Love how you re-did the night stand. Adorbs!

  6. Not being very DIY myself, I love these posts... they inspire me!


  7. I'm all about painting old furniture! I did the dressers for my bedroom last year and did different colored drawers like you did and I love the way it looks!

  8. The dresser looks awesome. I have a few pieces of furniture that is waiting for paint, you just motivated me!!! What brand paint did you use?? And is that an H&M spread?? I saw that and was thinking it would be perfect for Coles Big boy room in a year or so (say what-how).

  9. I can't get over what a difference that made! LOVE the new night stand!

  10. Love it, I'm all about black & white!! Good job, mama!

  11. Look at you go, girl! That's awesome. I did something similar this summer with an old outdoor patio table we were going to toss in the trash anyway. A little paint ... and it turned out so cute!


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