Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekending {Two Boys, Pumpkins,& A Starbucks Virgin} + A Giveaway!

Can we just talk about these two boys?

Holy moly, are they not just the cutest cousins you ever did see? I'm certain they are.

Moving on...

We had another relaxing weekend around these parts, which was perfect by me being that I was away for work last weekend and I'm gone again this week and the week after. I need some time with my boys.

Which is why dinner out Friday night was in order. I love nothing more than heading out to dinner with my guys, having a glass of wine and catching up on our week. While we were waiting, a couple pics were necessary. 

As if Mexican food, including queso & fajitas, wasn't enough, we had to swing by the store and grab a couple of different ice cream flavors to try. Let me just tell you, they were ALL good.

It's obviously pumpkin patch season, but instead of heading to one of the big, fancy pants patches that are full of activities, fried foods and really expensive pumpkins, we decided to make it quick and head to what used to be a not-too-well-known farm full of really inexpensive pumpkins. Plus they have a playset and you would think we were at Disneyland as much fun as C had...not only that but Morgan and Cole joined us, so that helped make it even more fun. Cruz got to play the older cousin. He doesn't get to do that often. We, of course, took the opportunity for some pics.

The Husker game was a later one, so at the last minute we invited some friends over to our house.  Boys in the basement and gals with the kiddos, catching up on our gossip like all gals do. It ended up being a late night (I'm such a loser, I just can't hang anymore), but a fun impromptu one.

Since it was a later night, it meant a late morning on Sunday and Cruz & I missed the Zoo Run. We did it last year {here} and had a great time, so I'm pretty bummed we didn't get up and go. Speaking of, we haven't been to the zoo since it was ranked #1 zoo in the world by Trip Advisor. You guys, that is legit.

So instead of a five mile run? We hit up Target and Starbucks. Same diff, right? And not only that but this little man had his first Starbucks - well, besides the cake pops - and was a big fan. How cute are those little cups? And they make it "kid temp" so they can drink it right away. Pretty impressive.

After spending way more money in Target than necessary, on junk, all junk, we headed home to decorate our pumpkins. All Cruz wanted was to paint them green, so he got his wish and after about 3 1/2 minutes, he was done, so I was left to paint up the rest.

As you can tell, he wasn't impressed that I made him carry the pumpkins. God forbid.

So that's it...our weekend in a nutshell. And it was a great one.

Speaking of great? I'm partnering with these lovelies and we have a pretty kick ass giveaway going on...$205 in Paypal cash to be exact! And it's like less than three months from Christmas, don't tell me you couldn't use this cash...or if you don't need it, I would be happy to take it off your hands. =)

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Good luck! And do me a favor, have a great week, would ya??

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  1. Yep two cutest little boys out there!! Look at all those pumpkins!!! I love the white ones - they are my favorite!! Sorry to hear you're having to work away from your boys so much - hopefully the busy time for you slows down a bit!! Target + Starbucks is most definitely equivalent to a 5 mile run :) Have a great Monday!! xo

  2. I haven't gone to a starbucks in years so I had no idea about the kiddie cups! Genius! Your little man is always so well dressed and he makes the best faces. Ever.

  3. Cruz is looking so big and handsome!!! Such a great weekend and I'm loving those pumpkins!!! ;)

  4. how adorable!!!! i need to go to a pumpkin patch, stat!!

  5. Seriously, Cruz, you are killing me! We need to get him and Kenley together like ASAP! The cuteness of those photos would be way too much to handle. :)

  6. That pumpkin patch looks perfect. And your son is sooooo cute!

  7. Get that kid into modeling....seriously! What a stud! ;)

    Glad you had a great, relaxing weekend!

  8. your boy. i die. he is so freaking cute. and on the carrying pumpkins it a problem that kaye wants to lift anything heavy...including pumpkins? seriously...she'll grunt until she gets whatever it is off the ground. then drop it like she's in a strong-man competition. #bruiser

  9. Oh man Target is dangerous! I always come out of there with way more stuff than I planned!

    I love that Starbucks has kid temp drinks! I had no idea!

    And I'm going to Vala's in a few weeks and can't wait. I've been wanting to carve pumpkins for weeks now!

  10. This is the perfect fall weekend -- love the pumpkin patch pictures! And seriously, could Cruz be any cuter?! Child model status! Happy Monday :)

  11. Wow - that is a great weekend! SO many smiles!

  12. Such a fun pumpkin patch! Love that pic with you guys and the wheel barrow! You got some good looking pumpkins there!
    We recently gave Mason his first Starbucks too... a cold one (a chocolate milk) and he was in HEAVEN. He literally drank the whole thing in like 5 minutes. I was pretty impressed and shocked at the same time!

  13. How fun! Where was this pumpkin patch? Also - I NEED to win this PayPal credit, haha! Mama has some Christmas shopping to do :)

  14. Suchhh cute cousins!!! And I'm going to order my drinks kid temp from now on... So fun!! I have such a hard time drinking super hot things!

  15. I mean can he be anymore gorgeous??? Those pics of him with the black sunglasses on!! I want to squeeze him from cuteness overload!

  16. I mean, Cruz, could he be any cuter! I love that face he is giving you when he is holding the pumpkins, it cracks me up!! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, and a Sunday at Target drinking Starbucks with that cutie is so much better than a run ;)

  17. Sounds like the perfect weekend!

    What did you order Cruz at Starbucks? Hot chocolate? Tory is always asking if I'd buy her something when we go through the drive-thru ... I'll have to hook her up with C's favorite next time.


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