Monday, September 1, 2014


After traveling for work this week, I was looking forward to spending a low key weekend with my guys. Here's a quick recap of what we were up to.

Friday night-
Low key with just the Nut Job movie, our teepee, skittles and lots of pillows. 

TRX class {I'm still sore}, major decluttering around the house, lunch at DJ's Dugout to start off football Saturdays for Nick the right way, a $150 keno win {seriously our #s came in on the last game, two of the last #s}, errands while Cruz napped, more decluttering, a little paint project, some red wine, the Devil Wears Prada {don't hate} while Cruz slept next to me and then catching up with mom & dad when they got to our house from the Husker game.

Lounging around the house, coffee & breakfast {ok, all I had around the house was bananas, toast & oatmeal}, a Starbucks stop, Farmer's Market, cupcakes, getting rained on while running to our car from the Farmer's Market, lunch at Pitch & a little sauvignon blanc, eCreamery for dessert {Shark Tank fans, anyone?}, a little photo shoot in Dundee {ok just an iPhone, a cute boy and some brick walls}, shopping for a new comforter, visiting family, then home to relax while my parents were out on the town yet another night in a row while we lounged at on my computer, Cruz fast asleep under the teepee and Nick doing a fantasy draft. =)

Does anyone else have similar Farmer's Market experiences as mine? I go with all of these ideas of fresh veggies and fruits I'm going to pick up for us to enjoy for the week and when I go through my purchases they include breads, cheeses, jerky, hot sauce, flowers and on this particular trip a giant balloon sword?

No? Me neither.

So, about my parents. They went to the Husker game on Saturday in Lincoln and left at halftime to hit up a new area downtown to watch the game. Mom, at one point, text me a pic of a bride-to-be having a guy do a belly shot off her and my dad brings home a shirt he picked up that says, 'if you don't bleed red, take your b*tch *ss home."  Exactly why I love them. =)

Leaving you with this little face. I kept asking Cruz to just smile like a normal person...and finally figured out that I had my head cocked to the side with my finger on my cheek while I was asking him to just smile and be normal....doh.

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  1. Oh how I miss your smiling faces around here! I can't get over how grown up he is getting! And your parents sound amazing. Period.

  2. What a perfect weekend at home!! I have always wanted to try a TRX class - but being sore from a workout is the best!! Ummmm your mom sounds like one amazing lady - LOL!! Thanks for linking up - I seriously miss your posts!! xo

  3. What a great weekend at home... sounds perfect!!
    Your parents are awesome!
    And I love Farmer's Markets!! :)
    I feel as though sometimes I never leave with what I intended to get there either!!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I love TRX and that picture of Cruz is SO adorable!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We have a farmers market here in our new town that we're hitting up on Saturday and I am SO ridiculously excited!!


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