Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Potty Training Saga Continues

As I mentioned - ok, excitedly proclaimed - in this post, Cruz is finally potty trained!


Even with this being said, potty training continues to dominate our lives around these parts.

We got really comfortable with him going to bed dry, waking up dry and having no accidents during the day...until he started having them, that is.

Evidently even after you think your kid is potty trained, there is a VERY good chance that he will have accidents. And sometimes a lot of them.

Enter Pull-Ups.

Did you all know about these things? Well, we knew of them but to be honest we didn't use them that much, not nearly like we should have during the entire potty training process.  However, since the post-potty training accidents started happening, Pull-Ups have become our friend.

The best part about Pull-Ups is that they aren't bulky like diapers, so when we slip one on him before bedtime (generally when he is just soooo tired which seems to equal a guaranteed accident) he doesn't complain about having to wear a diaper.

Because of course now "diapers are for babies."  Well, at least according to him.

Or when we know we have a long car trip ahead and I'm worried Cruz won't make it from small town to small town - or let's just say I forget to ask him if he has to go to the bathroom when we pass a gas station in said small town - it's nice to have the extra protection of a Pull-Up. Just in case.

I mean, no one wants a peed on car seat. #aintnotbodygottimeforthat

Or when you are out at the park and your little says he has to go numero two, so you bust it to the porta potty only to find that it is waaaay out of order. And then you have to run into the weeds, where he proceeds to do his business. Let's just say thankfully you had a lot of wipes.

Pull-Up would've been real nice in this situation.

Which is why I have started to keep one on me at all times. Just in case.

That, and because having a pair of little boy undies floating around in my bag and accidentally pulling them out when I'm paying for my groceries at the store...sans kid...well, that's just embarrassing.

There is part of me that thinks having started with Pull-Ups in our potty training journey would've helped push him along a bit more quickly. Plus they have all of his favorite characters. I mean this kid is really into Jake these days.

Another great thing about Pull-Ups?

The Big Kid Academy.

I was very impressed with the information housed in the Big Kid Academy. A vast library of tips, tricks and advice from real-life moms and real-life professionals. I found that there was something that fit essentially every potty training hurdle, question or thought that crossed my mind during this experience. And now it's been very beneficial for me to understand what he's going through now with his slips. But don't take it from me, check it out for yourself.
Click here to check it out

If you are learning to potty train kiddos yourself, the Big Kid Academy is a great tool to get you there sooner. Even if your little isn't quite ready to start potty training, it will sneak up on you quicker than you think, so better to be prepared early on and plan how you are going to handle potty training.

If you aren't a mama but have someone in your life who is, share it with them. Trust me, it's in your best interest not to have to hear all potty training, all the time when you're with them. And you won't, if they have a resource like this for them to use.

What are some of your best potty training stories, tips, advice or better yet funny stories? Because..."the more you know" and all, right?


A big thank you to Pull-Ups for sponsoring this post and for providing us potty training mamas a great tool to transition from diaper butts to undie-wearing booties. 


  1. Oh man - I give you props mama! Poop patrol in the weeds? BRAVO!!

  2. Go Cruz go! And yes pull-ups! Thank God for them. I had them on letty at night forever. I was scared the second they come off she would have an accident.

  3. Congrats on the potty training success! I wish I had known about Big Kid Academy when my kids were potty training. Pull-ups, though, were a HUGE help in getting them transitioned into underwear.

  4. Yay for successful potty training!!!!!! Go Cruz, he is so cute!!

  5. Good Luck with the progress!

  6. Way to go Cruz! Graduating to Pull Ups is a big step!


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