Friday, September 12, 2014

The Makings Of A Great Summer Concert

As you are reading this, I'm headed to Austin, Texas, for a weekend of debauchery, ready to live it up with a bunch of gals, cocktails, craziness...what happens in Austin, stays in Austin, I hear.

Ok. Lezz be honest.

I'm not really one for debauchery any more. I mean you reach a certain age where the hangovers hang around a bit longer and hitting up the clubs like you did back in your college hey day is just not as appealing.

I am excited to hang out with my bestie and her Texas group of gal pals, though.

You know what else gets me excited?

A really amazing country concert with a good meal, some drinks and the best group of friends. I mean, we really do have the greatest group of friends. And man, oh man, are they fun.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Earlier this summer we planned a little outing to Stir Cove for a good ole country these are my five things that make up what it takes to have a great time at an outdoor, country concert.

This guy...Dierks Bentley.  Honestly I haven't listened to him in quite some time, but it was Nick who introduced me to his music years ago and I have to say he was pretty amazing in person. Not Eric Church, Kenny Chesney or Justin Timberlake amazing, but still really good. =)

via Chip Duden Photography

Time with this guy. I mean, how great is it to get to go out and spend some time with your main man?

This place. One of my favorite venues in all the city...Stir Cove. And could we have asked for a more perfect night?

Cocktails. Well, duh. I mean, come on when is the last time you heard about a really great night out that didn't include cocktails? And when it starts with a dirty Chopin martini and ends with a Fireball doesn't get much better.

And these yahoos. Some of the best friends a gal could ask for. Some have been with us for many years, some are family and in-laws and some are new friends, but they all make an outing like this something pretty special. Mr. Mango and I are pretty lucky folks.

Maybe one of my fave pics of the night...capturing us snapping a group pic.
This pic to be exact...

There ya have it. If you want to have fun at a concert...follow these steps and I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

By the way - any Dierks fans out there? As good as he was in person, I think this boy nails it. What do you think?? =)

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  1. There really is nothing like a good country concert. I have many a good memory of these pre-Matt. Just need to sell him on country I guess. ;)

    Ps I have never had fireball. Remedy that with me sometime ok?

  2. such a good looking couple! have so much fun and drink a margarita for me.

  3. This looks like the most fun night! Outdoor concerts are one of my favorite things about summer and I'm so sad I didn't have a chance to get to one this year! I guess that just means I should start planning for next year :) Have a blast this weekend!!

  4. Based on the last concert, looks like you are about to have the most amazing time this weekend. Can't wait to read all about it!

    xx 365hangers

  5. Have so much fun!!! It looks like you guys really know how to have a good time!

  6. Hope you have a great time this weekend! I love all of the pictures with your friends/family, you guys are too cute!

  7. I love country concerts but I have yet to attend one at Stir Cove!! Maybe someday... And Dierks Bentley is pretty awesome. I've seen him twice, in 2007 when he first started getting popular and then in 2011 when he put on the free acoustic show at Pershing. Love him!

  8. Oh wow, I looooove Austin. The food, the music and the scene, so awesome!! have a blast!

  9. Have an amazing time this weekend! So jealous! This definitely sounds like a great time!!

    <3, Pamela

  10. ahh you're going to have so much fun and I cannot wait to see pics!!! xoxo

  11. I had the biggest crush on Dierks Bentley back in the day - boy was he a hottie and still is!! Have so much fun! xo

  12. I haven't seen Dierks in person yet but I am a huge country fan and they never disappoint! Carrie Underwood... Tim McGraw... Rascal Flatts... Brad Paisley.. AMAZING. Hope you have the best weekend!

  13. Absolutely love Austin - have so much fun!!!

  14. I am a total concert junkie and Stir Cove is hands down one of my most fave venues. I'd say you've got the perfect recipe for a great concert experience down pat. Nice work. :) I've yet to see Mr. Cutie Dierks in concert, but am actually headed to see Eric Church on Thursday at Century Link with three girlfriends. Oh boy! Can't WAIT!


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