Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Fives {February 21, 2014}

So this week has been a bit of a blur. But in a great way.

We are now in serious mode about listing our house, even had a reator come over and start the process. Be still my house hunting heart.

Pictures will be taken Monday, painters will be here soon after that and our house will officially be listed!

But get this, just yesterday our realtor asked if we would be willing to show our house this Sunday because they had a buyer interested.


It's becoming so real.

Which is awesome and overwhelming all in one...but more awesome than not, of course. I've been wanting a new house forever. {just ask Nick. I talk about it every day.}

But now I feel behind the game. I need to get pinning and planning for our new house - which we don't even own yet, or haven't picked out yet - but hey, that's just semantics, right?

I thought I would share the start of my inspiration thus far.

Stripes. I'm nothing short of obsessed with big, thick black and white stripes.

Mud room
{two}Cruz's toddler room. I want white and color. Not sure what color, but here are some ideas. I mean he is claiming green is his fave these days, but with this one it changes daily so I can't plan around that.

For some reason I was drawn toward deer heads in my pinning. I don't hunt, but I kinda like it.

I mean, I am a farm girl.

Green // deer head
Deer head // wood detail

How do deer heads and this car bed go together? Well not very well. I mean imagine. How does it usually work out for deer and cars? Not good for the deer. That's how.

But I still like this bed.
Car bed
Dark and light contrasting paint. Dark gray, stark white. I'm in love.

Dark walls // white accents

Living space

Accent wall

Pop of color. I'm sure you know my love for the color yellow. It's just such a happy color. Immediately puts a smile on my face.

I envision a little yellow throughout my house.

Bar stools

Yellow barn door
Yellow art
Home office - for me will probably be an office/spare room mix.  This is where I envision a lot of work and a little blogging being done. And basically is a "no boys" zone. I can't have a boy messing this space up.

Gallery wall & light fixture

Suffice it to say, I'm black, gray & white obsessed. And yellow. Obviously.

More to come on this house situation. It's definitely moving along faster than I thought it would.

Off to "stage" my house. Happy weekend!

Natasha // Darci // April // Christina


  1. How EXCITING! Ahhh house hunting would be such a blast and starting from scratch with decor. Oh joy! I love your ideas for decorating! Especially your office :)

  2. Love all of your inspiration! House hunting is so fun and decorating is even more fun! :) Can't wait to hear about it all coming together.

  3. We are selling our house and building a new one right now. It he showings are a PITA, especially with a dog and a 1 year old. Luckily I have been given at least 3 hours notice with all showings so far.
    I am really thinking you looked at my Pinterest board. I want to do all of the same things in our new house. We are going a grey and white striped powder room and pops of yellow and lime green. I am too scared to do it on a larger scale but the powder room seems like a good place to have fun!

  4. This is so much fun!! I do love the yellow. Well I love so much of it. The stripes. The playroom. Hell even the deer heads. Lots of changes coming up. These people could be your buyers!!!!

  5. Love pops of color and that bed for Cruz would be too cute!! Hope all goes well this Sunday for you guys!! Have a great weekend!

  6. No deer heads please! I grew up with a real one in the living room...didn't like it!

    1. I agree Dianne - the one in the picture could scare Cruz. Stick with your car motif.

      Barbara Ann

  7. Yay!! What an exciting time! I am SO excited for you. You will love the house hunting process. I can't wait for a new house. I love what you have in mind. I love white mixed with either dark or bright contrast. You must love Kris Jenner's house. Can't wait to hear more updates.

  8. love it all. and how exciting!! are you guys moving to a different part of town or bigger house or or just need a change?

  9. Your new house is going to be AMAZING. Just the pins alone make me want to redecorate!!

  10. That's so exciting that you are going to be moving into a new house! I love every single one of these pictures and you are making me want a place to decorate so badly! I loveeeeee barn doors and wood detail. Have a great weekend!

  11. Great design ideas! I may have to pin some of these :) Happy Weekend!

  12. I literally love every one that you picked. The yellow accents really make the house look cheery right? The first bathroom is total swoon worthy ;-)

  13. how exciting!!! i hope the showing goes well... and your new home search in MN!?!?!?! goes well!! ;)

  14. So exciting your putting your house on the market! Gosh I just can't wait to get into a house. I told my husband this morning that wherever we buy it's only a 5 year house. haha poor guy I am always wanting!

  15. How cute are you!? Love all of this inspiration lovely! Glad to now be following along :)

  16. I love ALL of this inspiration!! So fun to plan a whole new home decor :)

  17. Good luck with the staging! Now I really want to get Clay a toddler bed instead of just converting his crib!

  18. Love the pins!! Especially the pop of color and the dark accent walls! Good luck with everything and can't wait to see how you decorate!

  19. You and I definitely have the same taste in home decor! I LOVE ALL OF THIS! I can't wait to see the new house come together...once you buy it. ;)

  20. Love your inspiration! What would we do without Pinterest?! Whenever we move into a house, I'll be printing off my home inspiration boards and handing them over to my husband.. he has no idea what is going to hit him :)

  21. Hi from the link up!! Love all your inspiration! How exciting! Those stripes are my favorite, such a bold and beautiful statement! So glad to have found your blog, hope you have a good week!

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  23. I agree, this is becoming quite real fast. But it’s all part of selling your house; you’ll surely get used to it, especially since your realtor is very hands-on with you and with the process. There’s nothing to worry about. You have a good set of inspiration for your new house, btw. I hope you find the house you want soon. So you can make your inspirations come to life. Good luck!


  24. Beautiful! If only house hunting wasn’t as stressful, but I digress. I love everything you’ve gathered as inspirations. I love them all! Although I think I can go without the deer head. I am in awe of the color yellow. It looks really good with the dark walls and white accents. Oh, and your planned office space? ADORBZ!!!

    Calvin @ CityBlockTeam

  25. I love your blog

  26. Great inspirations for your new home! House hunting might be exhausting, but it’ll be all worth it once you’ve found your dream home. I hope you’ll be able to find your desired house as soon as possible. Any updates about your house hunting? :)

    Steve Jamieson


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