Monday, February 10, 2014

Lazy Days + A Winner

This is - in a nutshell - what our Sunday looked like.

Laying in our teepee, snuggled up with the fire going and The Croods on TV.

And it was pure heaven.

C-train still wasn't feeling well - and let's be honest neither was I after a long night of partying with my main man Luke Bryan...oh and Nick. =)

I seriously love my husband. As you may have read, we don't usually buy our tickets for concerts ahead of time and he usually finds some from a scalper the day of. Well on Saturday night, it was pretty cold for scalpers to be out so he decided to walk to the box office and ask if they had tickets. What do you know, they did! He got row 16 for $60/ticket....what?? They were online for well over $200/ticket and not even floor seats. He asked if they had more and the two in row 17 were available, so we called his brother Kyle and his girl Joey and they joined us!

Not only that, but the stage was extended, so we actually had some of the best seats right against the rail! And when he pulled out his cooler of beer and started throwing them out into the crowd, Kyle caught one. But, why oh why didn't I save that can?

We still managed to enjoy ourselves, even though we kept getting these pics from my mom. I'm so thankful our family is always willing to help us watch Cruz. They are the best!

I mean, just look at that belly. And those eyes. And tousled hair. Doesn't it break your heart?

Fortunately after a long day of relaxing he seems to be doing better today. Let's just hope that junk stays away from him for the rest of the winter.  #aintnobodygottimeforthat

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Color Me Rad Omaha/Council Bluffs giveaway last week! The luck winner of two FREE entries into the race is Lesley C! Congrats...and be prepared for a kick ass time!

Hope you have a great Monday...mine is ending with the Justin Timberlake concert tonight, so you know I'm loving this Monday! My sister and I have been kicking ourselves for not going last time he was in Omaha, so we couldn't pass it up again.  She snagged us some great seats this morning...who says the early bird always gets the worm?


  1. You photo so up close and personal to Luke Bryan made me squeal! I hope that country boy shook it for you!

  2. Just one concert right after another eh? I would love to see JT! Hope Cruz is feeling better!!! Poor guy!

  3. Thank you so much Katie!!!! Im so excited to do this. Im definitely going to have to take a ton of pictures. Have fun at the JT concert. Hes so fun and Luke Bryan, hes amazing!!!

  4. So glad you had a great time seeing hottie Luke Bryan!!!! Looks like a great concert. And justin too?! Lucky!
    Poor Cruz! Hopefully he won't get sick again for a long time! xx

  5. Where did you snag the JT tickets? Ive been looking everywhere.

  6. You are going to love Justin Timberlake live (DUH) he's pretty amazing and luke bryan too - i mean you've had a pretty great couple of days haha! Have so much fun!

  7. sounds fun! what an awesome concert that must have been! p.s. love your heart garland!

  8. Luke Bryan and JT? Lucky girl! Poor Cruz! He looks like he handles the treatments better than Clay. The mask freaks him out so we just have to hold the end right up in his fac

  9. You lucky lucky girl! Luke Bryan=yummy. ;)

  10. oh my gad. you totally lucked out!!!! that's rad. but your muffin, with his breathing treatment (what's that called?) is breaking my heart. i want to cuddle him so badly. is that weird? it's weird. sorry. kaye was sick back to back to back to back and is FINALLY better. dear god…it was the most annoying thing. on a positive note, she now thinks it's a game to blow our noses.

  11. I had pit seats at my last LB concert. What an experience! I touched him numerous times and at one point he even got down next to us and started video recording with my girlfriends phone!!! He puts on such an awesome show!

  12. you are a professional concert-er!!! come to MN and lets go to one together! ;)


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