Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Little Guy: Ten Months Old

Wow...already 10 months and so crazy to believe that our little guy will be one year old in two short months! I can't imagine life without our little man and feel like he's been in ours forever.

What has Cruz been up to?

  • Big News: this month has been CRAZY...and I feel like this only continues as he gets older. Little Mango has taken up crawling and is EVERYWHERE! The house is officially baby proofed and I feel like we live in a day care with all the gates and outlet covers and toys scattered everywhere. He is also pulling himself up on furniture, which only means walking is coming soon. He had his first surgery as well, getting tubes placed in both ears. That was just a couple weeks ago, but so far, so good. And he's got his first tooth poking through...which is so exciting and fortunately no teething symptoms (fingers crossed!). And, last but not least, his first real vacation! We headed to Lake Panorama with my family and he experienced so many awesome things...we had such a great time. And we purchased two new car seats for our growing little guy. He's out of the carrier and into the upright. We have the makings of a toddler (what?! not yet!) on our hands.

In his scrubs before surgery

Our little daredevil - climbing on everything!
  • Eating:  this month also brought along table food! We've had so much fun trying out different foods and Cruz has been great about being open to so many things...he loves feeding himself...and, of course, to eat! Another great addition to the family has been our Boon high chair, which has lived up to its hype. This boy makes a big ol' mess and this high chair takes approximately 2.2 minutes to clean up after the most disastrous messes.

  • Sleeping: overall sleeping has been great this month, however, during our vacation to Lake Panorama he started waking up in the middle of the night and around 5am each morning...which was super early for his partying mama and papa...and it carried over to the following week at home. Thankfully he's back to sleeping through the night and waking up 7am or later! His nap schedule is light at day care and so when he gets home he's all played out and ready to relax.

At a local carnival on his 1st vacay with Papa and Grandma
  • Developments:  our boy continues to grow. He's 22lbs 9oz. and 27 3/4in long. We had a noggin' check up this month and he's had so much improvement that he only  has to wear his helmet 8 hours/day.  He is crawling, pulling himself up, name it, this boy is doing it. 
Cruz & daddy at the zoo

Football baby

  • Features:  he's such a little goof ball. His smile is infectious and lights me up every, single time I see it. He is still our little chubby bunny and has some thick legs ol' legs and arms. He makes the best funny faces when trying new foods (definitely not due to my lacking cooking ability).  His gorgeous blue eyes stand out, his hair is growing and WILD and he is still the cutest little man I have ever seen.

Gorgeous baby blues!

Happy 10 months, baby boy!

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