Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Mango's First Vacay!

This weekend was a BIG weekend for our little guy...and a weekend of many, many firsts!

First off, it was his FIRST vacation. A couple of weeks back we planned to spend a weekend in Panora, IA, with my fam...the Lynch's and my mama and papa. And we had a great time, just relaxing, eating, drinking and soaking up the last of the summer days & nights.

The other FIRSTS our little man experienced this weekend...

  • first BIG climb onto furniture
  • first time fishing in the lake...and holding a fishing pole (Nanu would be so proud)
  • first parade..small town, Guthrie County parade...and it was awesome
  • first golf cart ride
  • first time on a carousel
  • first HOT DOG (now this is a BBQ must)
  • first time on a pony (@ the Guthrie County fair)
  • first TOOTH started coming through on the last day!

Set on climbing up the bar stool
(love that he's on the tip of his toes!)

Wrestling...for honor
Guthrie County parade...go Hawks!

Papa and Mama...go Huskers!

Waiting for candy from the parade
Such a BIG boy!
Star spangled pony 
He LOVES the parade
BEST giveaway of the parade...BEER!
Only in a small town will you find this.

Football baby!
Flag football game...the deliberation.
(I believe this was right before our Hail Mary play where I lobbed
a long one to Kayden and he sailed into the end zone!)
Waiting for some yummy Butterfinger dessert

Yep...that was the GOOD stuff
Enjoying the lake

Threading the worm...gross
Beautiful mama
Britt came for some fishing fun!

Gone fishin'

First fair!
Family shot by the Fun House
Carousel ride
Hot & thirsty
Pony ride
Day & Ace on the ponies

Uncle Nick taking Kayden on the BIG ride

Kayden was a bit nervous throughout...see the sweat on that noggin.

A great vacation with my fam. I can't wait to make this a recurring adventure every year...only next time we must have a boat!

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  1. Loved this post. You are so lucky to have family to share these very special moments and firsts. Great pictures also.



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