Monday, June 11, 2012

Swimming Lessons!

Nick & I have been waiting for so long for Cruz's swimming lessons to begin. Call me dense, but prior to becoming preggo I didn't realize that people took their babies to swimming lessons. Come to realize it's awesome! For one, it helps get kiddos started early loving the water and improving their coordination, BUT it's also a great way to teach pool safety at an early age and hopefully prevent any pool accidents from occurring in the future.

Protecting my child without having to keep him in a bubble or never letting him out of the house...I'm ALL for it!

We had our first lesson last Monday night and Cruz absolutely LOVED the water. But the best part was how excited Nick was following the lesson. He had the BEST time with little man and it was so much fun for me to watch them together!

Now, I'm stuck on the next issue {and one my girl at Live Inside My Bubble has already brought up}...when I take Cruzer to lessons the next two weeks (tonight being one of them), do I wear one of my "already-owned" bikinis or do I purchase a one-piece. Ideally, I would wear one of my suits, BUT none of the other mamas were in bikinis, instead they were rocking one-pieces or tankinis. Argh...what to do, what to do??

Cruz was so excited!

He loves the water          

Intertube...took him a while to get used to it.


"Swimming" to the instructor

Picking up rings....

...and chewing on them, of course

Making waves

They both had so much fun!

Love, love, love these two guys!


  1. ROCK IT SISTER!!! I say as long as you are comfortable (and you should be, you have a beautiful boy you brought into this world in your arms), then do the bikini. You work hard for that body. Plus if all the other moms looked like you, I bet they would send their tankini to the goodwill!!

  2. I say wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable ... but I will admit, I bought a one-piece just for swimming lessons with Tory. I've been wearing a bikini at the cabin (and I'm not afraid to wear it in public) but there isn't a single mommy at Tory's swim class wearing a two-piece. I don't want to be the only one!

  3. Where are the lessons being held?


    1. They are held at DiVentures swim school and they are so much fun! Cruz LOVES the water and we even had him submerged the other night! :)


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