Thursday, June 14, 2012

Playing the Role of a Single Mother

The hubby is gone on a poker trip this week. He left Monday and won't be back until Saturday...but then he turns around and leaves Monday for another week in Vegas next week. As well as little man and I are managing, it sucks not having him around.

I can't believe how much I miss having someone to talk to at night when Cruz is asleep or even to just sit in silence with while we catch up on computer work and our TV shows. I even miss having another set of hands during our night time routine to give some little man some attention, while I'm trying to make dinner or get things ready for the next morning.

The mornings are tough as well as I try to juggle getting myself ready as well as little man. The last couple of months, Nick volunteered to get Cruz up and ready for daycare and drive him there on Wednesday and Friday mornings....and as much as I treasure my quiet morning time with the little guy, I really love having time to myself to get ready without balancing a baby on my hip while trying to put on make-up. Plus, I've even started using that time to squeeze in a morning run, which means after work I'm free to spend all of my time with both of them. This week, "me" morning time and no morning run.

And the helmet? Don't even get me started on the helmet. I thought having the cheek pad removed would make it so much easier to get the helmet on Cruz's head. And it does...or at least it did when I had Nick to hold Cruz while I maneuvered it on his little head. But for some reason now that it's just me and having to place him in his Bumbo chair so he's somewhat still, I cannot get the helmet on correctly the first time for the life of me. It's so exasperating! Plus, little man cries when it's on wrong....and then I get emotional....and then neither of us want that dang thing on his head. Fortunately I've been able to get it on after two or three times, but it's still proving to be the one thing I dread at night.

I don't know how single parents do it and I tell you I have so much respect for them.  Being a single parent (even if for just a few days) is tough work. I can't wait for Nick to come home. He's got two people that miss him very, very much.

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  1. Your doing great Katie! Cruz is very lucky to have you! Enjoy your momma and Cruz time. If you need to get away, even for an hour, we are just a phone call away! Or I could keep little man occupied while you run and get ready! You know my digits.


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