Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baseball, Babies and Pedis! (Weekend Edition)

Another great weekend...I suppose I could say that about every weekend these days because we have been having an amazing summer!

On Friday night we got tickets to the College World Series, so we headed downtown and met up with Kyle & Kurt in the Mattress Factory tents. Then we made our way to our club seats at the game and Cruzer was the life of our section. Around the sixth inning we headed down to visit with Nanu and Grammy. Nanu had ice cream and fed a bit to little man...and he LOVED it (good lord, of course he did knowing our sweet tooth!), except when daddy was lifting him into the air. The ice cream came up and all over the hubby's shirt and down the side of his face, just millimeters from his mouth. It was HIL-AR-IOUS.

College World Series with our little Gamecocks fan!
Visiting Nanu and Grammy at the game
On Saturday, Cruz and I hit up my friend Crystal's baby shower at Lazlo's. It was a gorgeous day and I couldn't be happier for Crystal and Justin who have been trying to have a little one for so long. They are waiting to find out the sex of the baby....something I could NEVER do. I'm too impatient. Can't wait to meet Baby M.

Cruz, Crystal and I
(Such a gorgeous preggo!)
On Sunday, the hubby went golfing with the guys, so Cruz and I met up with my friend Sirvan for brunch at Le Peep (a fave) and pedicures. I was interested to see how Cruz would react sitting on my lap for 45 minutes, BUT he was excellent. For the first 30 minutes he was intrigued by the process and then he fell fast asleep. It was a nice relaxing morning before I had to work in the afternoon.

Pedicures with Cruz

Girls day with a little boy mixed in
Pedis with Sirvan
I look forward to many more wonderful weekends...this just being one of many.

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